Monday, May 31, 2010

The Russian linesman from Azerbaijan

As we get closer to the World Cup and the usual jingoistic crap is starting up in full force, I feel it's time to put the ignorance of Clive whatshisface off ITV and most of the media in its place. Let's get one thing straight the 'Russian' linesman who allowed England's controversial / phantom goal in the World Cup Final of 1966 was not Russian, but from Azerbaijan. His name was Tofik (or Tofig or Tofiq) Bakhramov and he's probably Azerbaijan's most famous footballing hero. Previously he had played football and then became a referee ( he also controversially disallowed a goal in the first round in 1966 when Switzerland scored against Spain) and served on the Azeri Football Federation for many years after his retirement.

The national stadium in Baku is named after him as is the stadium in Ganja. I met his son when England played Azerbaijan in a World Cup Qualifier in Baku and he even let me blow the golden whistle that his father received after the World Cup final from the queen.

In the picture above I am the one closest to the flag just to the left of the letter A on the flag.

Anyway that is the second post in a row that mentions 1966 and I promise it will be the last.

Some people are on the pitch by David Marsh

This was also from an article I originally read on design football and it's interesting to say the least. The pictures illustrate the movement of players throughout the 1966 World Cup final created by mapping archive footage. The top image shows the detail of the whole match with movements of the England team in red and West Germany in black. The middle shows Bobby Charlton's duel against Franz Beckenbauer and the bottom shows Alan Ball's movements.

The artist is David Marsh.

I think it's an interesting idea even though the cynic in me says it is jumping on the World Cup bandwagon. That said it is a great deal more interesting than the cast of Hollyoaks singing a football song and definitely a lot less cynical.

Badges of distinction -- Cheltenham Town

Fair play to Cheltenham Town for their new badge, as an Ely City regular I have taken a weird interest in teams nicknamed the Robins in the past and lamented the fact that teams like Bristol City and Charlton Athletic have lost the Robins from their badges over the years.

It's quite a brave design and as Guy Douglas from the designers flb says it was the most contemporary design that they put forward. I have to say that I really like it and I also like the fact that it has the unusual format of a Robin in flight. I stumbled upon the image on the design football website, so apologies to them for ripping it off, but as I said I really like this design.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

End of season review

I know it's been a long time coming, but here it is finally. The end of my season review.

The season started off pretty early and ironically July was one of the busiest of months in the season with a number of preseason friendllies. In fact the first match of the season for me was on 7 July when Ely took on Cambridge United in a friendly on a very wet evening in front of the largest crowd I have seen at the Unwin. The result wasn't great though as Ely lost 3-0. Other highlights of July included Villa's preseason friendly at Peterborough, which Villa won pretty easily with a team of kids and reserves and even then the writing was on the wall for a difficult season for Posh in the Championship. They went on to get through 3 managers and were easily relegated. The other bit of fun was when Ely took on Soham for the Unwin cup and the game went to penalties, unfortunately Soham won but the kids enjoyed it. The lowlight was definitely Ely going down 6-1 to Bury at the Unwin.

August got off to a flyer with Ely reserves beating Northwold on the first day of the month and as usual August was a bumper month and I got to 6 games in total. Highlights were Villa's 1-0 win over Fiorentina with the increasingly useless Heskey getting on the scoresheet and Cambridge's 3-0 win over Gateshead. A game that got Sean hooked on Cambridge, although unfortunately we didn't get to Cambridge much across the season as a whole. The lowlight of the month was Ely going out to Wisbech in the FA Cup in a very dull game.

September was also a fairly busy month with 5 games. The month started with Ely getting a 0-0 draw at Newmarket, which was the first time I had seen a 0-0 draw since May 2008 when Arsenal Kyiv drew with FK Kharkiv. However, it wasn't a bad game and it was also the first time I had seen Ely keep a clean sheet, which was something encouraging. Highlights of the month included a 2-0 win for Villa over Pompey and Ely beating Diss town 5-4 after extra time in the Vase. The lowlight was probably Ely's 1-1 draw with King's Lynn Reserves in the Eastern Counties Cup. The game was dull and although Ely won on penalties the weather was dire and I decided to leave before the end. Also, I was more than sick of Ely not being able to finish teams off in 90 minutes in mid week cup competitions. I don't think I have ever seen them do so.

October was something of a disappointing month despite Ely starting the month off well with a 3-2 win over Eynesbury Rovers in the Vase. Despite also beating Hadleigh 1-0 they managed to lose to CRC twice and play convincingly bad and also lose to a not brilliant Dereham side. In fact the highlight of the month for me was definitely Ely City Reserves beating Lakenheath 3-2

Then came the winter of discontent November, December, January and February were terrible with matches being called off left right and centre and there was even a Cambridge match we had planned on going to that was called off due to a waterlogged pitch in March, which helps to explain why the season around this time of the year was quite threadbare in the amount of games I managed to get to.

In November I only managed to get to 2 games Cambridge lost to Kettering 2-0 at the time Kettering were flying high at the top of the conference were on an FA Cup run and looked brilliant. However, they were about to lose their manager to Posh ( he didn't last their long) and their chairman was at loggerheads with the council. So I was either fortunate or unfortunate ( I wanted Cambridge to win after all) to see the Poppies at their best. The future looked bright for them then. It now looks rather bleak. The only other match was Ely's 4-2 victory over Norwich United. It was a good result, but I can't remember that much about the game!

December was a disaster as far as the weather was concerned and I had planned a bit of a football bonanza in the Midlands over Christmas, but the only game I saw in the Midlands was a fine 3-0 victory for Villa over Hull. The other match I got to in December was the game between Ely and Newmarket that had been replayed. Ely had fielded an illegible player and the game had been a draw, but Ely won 3-2. Newmarket must have felt hard done by.

January, a new year, but the same crappy weather, and also I was doing some extra work at Anglia Ruskin to make up for the post Christmas skintness. At least the game I got to was a cracker and a brilliant day out as Villa beat Fulham 2-0 down in London.

The weather in February was still quite bad, but Ely fought to put some of their clogged fixtures on. A victory over Wisbech (finally! ) and local rivals Mildenhall Town saw Ely out of danger in the Eastern Counties and moving up towards the top half of the table.

March and things were finally back to normal. The first day of nice weather all year saw Histon take on Gateshead. This was a really good day out, the staff and fans at Histon were friendly, the bar was good although a little pricey. The only downside was the football itself. Histon were playing with mainly kids after financial meltdown and Gateshead are not the greatest team in the Conference. In fact they only managed to stay up because of the meltdown at Chester. The game finished 0-0, not surprisingly. I'll hopefully return to Histon next season, but if things don't get better I imagine it will be their last season at the top table of non league football. Another highlight of March was a trip to Portman Road to see Ipswich play and beat Scunthorpe with a dramatic last minute winner. It was a disappointing season for Ipswich. They try to play nice football, unlike Scunthorpe, or a fair number of Championship teams, but things didn't really go their way this season. Hopefully, things will be better for them next season and I would love to return there. The other game in March was my last Ely game for the season and Ely pulled off another impressive win beating Debenham LC 2-0.

April and it was a football fest in Kyiv. I've written so much about it here that I don't think I need to go into it again too much now. The highlights were probably the trips to Obolon Arena, although the results didn't go Obolon's way. The Dynamo game against Dnipro was also great entertainment, despite the controversy. The controversy was probably one of the major low points with the dodgy sending offs of 2 Arsenal players and one Dnipro player in the 2 games I saw at Dynamo stadium over shadowing the performances. On the subject of performances it was great to see Andriy Shevchenko playing well in a Dynamo shirt. I think that what disappointed me the most was the decline of Arsenal Kyiv. They finally finished the season just outside of the Europa League places, but the stupidity of playing in Boryspyl and the behaviour of the coach and president doesn't do them any favours. Another highlight, although not football related was a brilliant night out (or in) at Ewig's flat with my old mates from Arsenal Kyiv, Ewig and Sid.

When I got back home there were a few possibilities of games to go to, but I didn't manage to make it to any of them, so that's how the season ended.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

British Telecom are useless

I still haven't got round to the end of season review, as my broadband was down all week and surprise surprise BT wasted hours of my life as call centre workers read out the same instructions to me every evening. The engineer who they sent stayed for 10 minutes and didn't do anything and in the end I fixed it myself. It is still playing up a bit, but BT also conned me into thinking the problem was the hub, which it wasn't and sent me a new one on the condition I stuck with them for another year. Useless doesn't even start to describe them.

Hopefully the weather will stay as it is and therefore I probably won't be writing tomorrow either.

Friday, May 14, 2010

And the season goes out with a whimper

I may as well think about writing my end of season review, as I was hoping to get to a game or two once I got back from Ukraine, but it wasn't to be. Most of the non-league had finished and there was only the lower divisions of the league left, which meant Norwich, which I wasn't keen on and had already sold out ages ago. I toyed with the idea of going to York v Oxford in the play off final on Sunday, but the 5 o'clock kick off and not being able to get a seat near Phil finally put me off. I was still living in a hope a game would come up, but I've more or less given up on the idea now.

Tomorrow is the FA Cup final and I was due to go into work, but had already cancelled when it looked like Villa might be in it, but we will be watching Chelsea v Portsmouth on the box instead.

On Wednesday I went down the pub with Matt to watch Fulham v Atletico and it was quite an enjoyable evening even if the result was ultimately disappointing.

For the record Villa finished a predictable 6th and Ely a respectable 9th.

For some reason I can't muster up much enthusiasm for the World Cup, which is strange as it seems that people who don't show any interest in football, the type of people who live in Cambridge and still think Cambridge are a league club go football crazy, although that's perhaps what's putting me off. To be honest I've been enjoying the rugby league on the telly and am looking forward to the next round of the cup more than the World Cup. There really is something wrong with me. I need to think about penning that end of season review. I'll be back with that shortly.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Obolon v Kryvbas (24/04/10)

Another cancelled plane led to another bonus match. I should have been grateful, but my final match in Ukraine saw Kryvbas visit Kyiv and as I have already documented in several places on this site they always do something to annoy me. Usually Kryvbas finish mid-table and their strategy for away games seems to be to kill the game and pick up a draw away every time. However, this time they were already relegated by a long way, so things seemed to have changed. In contrast Obolon were guaranteed to finish mid-table, but the game against Dynamo didn't see them have a shot on target and earlier in the week I had been to Andriy's house to see Obolon play Tavriya away, which had seen both teams play out a 0-0 draw without much enthusiasm, which was strange at least on Tavriya's part as they are going for a place in the Europa League (which unlike in England is quite a big deal).

On the day of the match I met Andriy who had an awful hangover and to be honest I should have been feeling worse for wear after a really heavy vodka session on Friday night at Ewig's house and going out on the Saturday. We had VIP passes to the posh seats, as Shurik had had to go to the country to plant potatos, but there was nothing very VIP about us. Our hangover cure of drinking yet more beer perhaps wasn't the best, but when in Obolon...

The game itself was fairly entertaining, although paradoxically it was Kryvbas who were doing the entertaining. Maksimov the Kryvbas coach had been the Obolon coach up until the winter break and despite his move to Kryvbas being clearly only motivated by money he had something to prove.

By half time Kryvbas were 2-0 up through goals by Morozyuk on 37 minutes and Andriyenko on 41. Andriy made excuses about Obolon playing an experimental side as they had already finished mid-table, but some how he didn't even seem convinced.

I had already found my figure to balme in the shape of Obolon midfielder Valeyev, who seemed too weak and to have no sense of positioning. Needless to say he scored on 55 minutes.

Obolon should then have been spurred on, but a lack of fire power was their undoing and the match finished 2-1 to Kryvbas. So another disappointing game against Kryvbas, but this time it wasn't their fault. Obolon really need to get a couple of forwards if their long term ambition is in this division.

That was the end of my football adventures in Ukraine on this trip and we finally flew out on the 27th April.

The top picture shows the impressive VIP entrance to the strangely named Obolon arena, the other 2 show some match action

Yet more pictures from Ukraine and Dynamo

I seem to remember that the game between Ukraine under 19s and Dynamo under 19s was fairly open for periods, but all of the photos seem to show Ukraine with the upperhand and the 4-0 scoreline would also suggest otherwise.

More pictures from Ukraine and Dynamo

Here are a few more pictures from the game between Ukraine Under 19s and Dynamo's young team.

Both of the pictures here show Ukraine in blue on the attack

Ukraine under 19s v Dynamo Kyiv under 19s

Another cancelled flight and another bonus match. This time I was on a bit of a skive though, as I had a computer on which to do the work I was missing in Cambridge on, which nicely added to the stress of being stranded.

This was a real bonus though as I have always wanted to see a game at Bannikov and as it is situated 5 minutes from our flat it was too good an opportunity to miss.

The Ukraine under 19s were scheduled to play Slovakia, but they had had the same problems in getting to Ukraine as we were having getting out, so a hastily arranged game against Dynamo was arranged for the day.

I can't say that I have much of a clue as to what was going on, as the PA system was only pumping out the type of dreadful techno you hear at Crimean resorts and the scoreboard just had a series of random numbers on it. I was also hampered by Sean's constant questioning and fiddling with the camera. Needless to say I can't remember who took which photo and some of his are probably better than my poor efforts.

Anyway, it was still an enjoyable experience and both teams had soem decent young players. The national team ran out 4-0 winners with 2 goals in each half.

The top picture shows some random match action and the bottom shows Dynamo saving a Ukraine shot.

Comedy pictures

What trip to Ukraine would be complete without a couple of comedy football pictures? Here are the kids just after the Dynamo v Dnipro game close to the Golden Gate.

Dynamo v Dnipro -- more match action

Yet more photos from the Dynamo v Dnipro game, but I think these 2 are actually pretty good.
The top photo shows a Dynamo clearance.
the bottom shows a defensive header from Dnipro, although in this picture it looks a bit more like a shot

Hit the bar

Not the best picture, but Dnipro hit the bar seconds after this picture of Sasha Shovkovskiy was taken.

Dynamo fans again

I can't say that they exactly endear themselves to me, but here is a section of the crowd at the start of the second half.

The Dnipro keeper still can't believe his eyes

Despite being booked Borovyk continues to argue about Mandzyuk's red card.

Reaction to the red card (Dnipro players) 1

As you can see the keeper was a little bit upset about Mandzyuk's sending off. He was booked for this reaction, although the defender pictured escaped a booking

Dynamo Kyiv v Dnipro Dipropetrovsk (18/04/10)

This was what I thought was a bonus game. On the Friday we should have gone home, but the volcano erupting in Iceland meant that we were stuck in Ukraine for what I thought was a couple of days. Little did I know!

Anyway, there weren't any eruptions off the pitch as first place took on third place (although at the time of writing it is now 2nd and 4th place) in front of a sell out crowd at Dynamo stadium. For some reason there seems to be some sort of friendship between the Dynamo and Dnipro fans and they finished each other's songs and sang songs about how much they liked each other, something I haven't seen since I was in Italy and even there it was a fairly rare experience.

On the pitch things weren't quite as friendly and most of the early play was dominated by Dnipro. However, Evhen Seleziynov, the former Shakhtar forward who spent a year on loan at Dynamo's city rivals Arsenal seems to have lost his scoring touch of late, although he remains one of my favourite players in the Ukrainian league. Nevertheless, the pressure paid off when Konoplyanka put Dnipro ahead on 18 minutes. This had the effect of spurring Dynamo into action, but they seemed to lack fire power without Shevchenko or Milevskiy being available for this game.

Things were to take a controversial turn again though and if there weren't any eruptions off the pitch there were plenty on it. On 25 minutes ex-Dynamo player Vitaliy Mandzyuk was sent off for bringing down the last man in a Dynamo attack. At the time I thought it was very close and wasn't convinced he brought down the last man and later when I saw the replays on TV it appeared that it should have been a yellow card rather than a red card. Obviously, this fanned the flames in the arguement that Dynamo have a special relationship with referees and obviously the Football Association moved quickly to deny it. You have to remember that the president of Dynamo and the president of the Football Association are brothers though.

Despite the one man advantage the game continued in the same vain as before with Dynamo dominating whilst never looking like scoring.

In the second half Dnipro seemed to decide that attack was the best form of defence, but it didn't work out for them as Magrao once again scored on 50 minutes. Dnipro continued to press though and didn't look ready to settle for a draw and managed to hit the bar and the post. Both of these shots came from free kicks that had obviously been worked out in training though and it has to be said that the Dnipro forwards tended to go down quite easily when they were in shooting range of goal.

The game continued to be quite open with both sides pushing for the win, but Ghioane, who is perhaps my all time fave Dynamo player was introduced and things gradually turned in Dynamo's favour, which isn't perhaps only due to Ghioane's introduction, but also the fact they had been playing for ages with a man less. Dynamo went on to hit the post twice, but on 70 minutes Ghioane scored a scrambled goal to make it 2-1 to Dynamo. Dynamo managed to shut up shop and play the game out.

Onr thing that remains a mystery is that when Serhiy Lazarenko was introduced by Dnipro is that they had a photo of him with hair on the scoreboard, was it really him or had they got the pictures mixed up?

The pictures here show a Dynamo clearance and a Dnipro attack.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ultra show

Here are the Dynamo fans unfurling a giant flag and letting off fireworks on the neighbouring buildings.

Free football

As you can see from the buildings overlooking the stadium a lot of the locals enjoy free football. There is a story that one of the flat owners rented out his balcony for the Shakhtar game for 100 Hryvnas.

Sheva off and on

The top picture shows Shevchenko limping off the pitch when we thought he had seriously injured himself. The picture below shows him completely recovered a few minutes later.

Obolon stand

Here's the entrance to the Obolon stand in an older picture on the site there is a picture of it before it was open.

Obolon Kyiv v Dynamo Kyiv (14/04/10)

A trip to Obolon Arena, as they now call their stadium beckoned on Wednesday night and although Obolon had had a brief stay in the Premier League before, or the Vishe Liha as it was then known it was strange to see the stands full and we were sat in the main stand, which wasn't even open the last time I was in Ukraine. When Obolon were in the Vishe Liha they tended to play at Respublikansky which always made the ground seem empty.

On the night of the game I met up with Andriy and some of the boys from Obolon when Obolon played in the first league at Shaslive before they had their own stadium, so the contrast was really big.

Dynamo seemed to outnumber the Obolon fans by about 4 to 1 and they seemed to have 4 times as many players on the pitch too. A lot of that had to do with another glittering performance from Shevchenko. Sheva put Dynamo ahead on just 8 minutes, and not to distract from his effort it was easy to see why Obolon have been having a mini goalkeeping crisis of late and Tovt the keeper on this occassion couls perhaps have done better in saving the ball.

Sheva was at the centre of everything that Dynamo did and when he limped off after 30 minutes it looked like it might be the end of his career. He was soon back on his feet though and another fine piece of skill saw him put Dynamo 2 up on 40 minutes. A mention also has to go out to Eremenko who was instrumental in setting up both of Sheva's goals.

At half time we were treated to a few beers, actually we were treated to a few beers all the time during the match. It's not often you can sit in your seat and have a beer at a stadium , but at Obolon it's basically encouraged, which is one of the advantages of watching a club owned by a brewery. The Dynamo fans also put on a bit of a show, which was quite impressive and included Ultras setting off fireworks on the neighbouring buildings and someone hang gliding across the pitch.

The second half was more of the same and Magrao made it 3-0 on 63 minutes with a lovely lob and on 83 minutes Zozulya finished the scoring to make it 4-0 to Dynamo in a game with no controversy and no real chances for Obolon. It was good to see some old faces from Obolon and have a few beers and to see Shevchenko have another great game. We were also sat near Artem Milevskiy who was suspended, which kind of annoyed Shurik who had VIP seats where as we were in the normal seats.

The school behind the stadium in the pictures of the match action here is the school that Shevchenko and Shovkovskiy went to

Konchezaspa without a game (12/04/10)

As I was saying one of the most predictable things about Ukrainian football is the unpredicatable fixture list, so when I saw that Dynamo 2 were playing the table topping PFK Sevastapol in the first league on the 12 April at 3 o'clock I was a bit unsure that it would take place. However, a last minute check on the Internet and in 'Komanda', the daily football paper my fears were put to the back of my mind and I felt pretty pleased. Me and Sean took the arduous journey to the village of Chapaevka and got their in record time and I had a chance to see if the Slavutych beer in the bar over the road was as good as it was when I went to see the now defunct CSKA play the Sevastapol 2 years previously. The Slavutych was still good, but I have to say that the Slavutych in the much more downmarket Mister Snack on Vulitsa Bohdan Khmelnitskiy in town is better.

Anyway, as kick off approached nothing much seemed to be happening at the 'stadium', which is also the training camp of Dynamo. I asked a bloke who was cleaning the paths and he said the game was on and let us in through the gate (Can you imagine getting into a Premier League's training HQ with so little effort?) Things really didn't look good, as the only sign of life was a rather young looking bunch of Dynamo players training on one of the near pitches rather than the far pitches where Dynamo 2 play. When we got to the pitch a security guard came over to inform us that the day had been declared a day of mourning by the Professional Football League due to the death of the Polish president in a plane crash in Russia a couple of days before. He told us to come back the next day and the game would be on, but we didn't. For the record Dynamo won 1-0 and one of the players I saw in training scored the goal.

Sheva forever

Here's Andriy Shevchenko (the player in the centre of the picture further from the camera). He still has the same old magic touch although his pace has gone a bit he is still a living legend.

Dynamo and Arsenal team buses

Dynamo club shop

The club shop at Dynamo before the Dynamo v Arsenal game

Random Golden Gate picture

On the day of the Dynamo v Arsenal game I bought some new batteries for my camera. A few year's ago fake batteries were a problem in Ukraine, so to try them out I took this picture of Yaroslav the Wise outside the Golden Gate. It was the first ever touristy type picture I had ever taken in Ukraine despite the amount of time I lived there.

Dynamo Kyiv V Arsenal Kyiv (10/04/10)

Dynamo now has a nice looking new shop and the babushki who sell tickets now have computers to sort the tickets out rather than just a pair of scissors to cut them off a sheet.

This game was billed as the Kyiv Derby but the crowd of 12500 and the atmosphere didn't really suggest that it was anything other than a routine game. On the pitch it was much more of a derby though and at least Arsenal didn't roll over for Dynamo and with the exception of Simonenko the players really looked up for it. It can always be a worry that when one of the other Kyiv teams play Dynamo that they just give in, but Dynamo couldn't be accused of this on this occassion. In fact Arsenal had a lot of the early play, but it was Dynamo who went ahead on 34 minutes through Vukeovich who teed himself up for a lovely shot after Shevchenko and Milevskiy had made a bit of a fool of the hapless Simonenko. So at half time it was Dynamo who led 3-1.

For some reason after just 10 minutes of the second half Arsenal replaced Zakharevich, who in my opinion had been the best Arsenal player in the first half, with Vorobey. Not long after that Dynamo finished the game off, when on 61 minutes Shevchenko, who looked more than a bit too good for this game set up Magrao for an easy tap in and his first goal for Dynamo. It was to be Sheva's last act in the game as he was instantly replaced by Mikhalyk. It seems like a good philosophy to use Sheva sparingly and bringing Mikhalyk on in a Mr.Miyagi / karate kid type of role which will hopefully bear fruit for the national team as Mikhalyk matures and learns from Sheva.

Just 3 minutes later the game was completely over when Milevskiy danced through the Arsenal defence to make it 3-0. That seemed like it was the end of the game, but there were a few more twists and turns. On 73 minutes Zakarlyuka caught the Dynamo defence napping and made the score a more respectable 3-1. Arsenal seemed to have been given a lifeline and continued to press forwards, however the referee made sure that Arsenal didn't piss on Dynamo's cornflakes with a series of dubious decisions. Shershun of Arsenal was sent off on 82 minutes for what seemed to be asking for treatment to a head wound and shortly afterwards Simonenko followed him to the showers for what looked more like a tackle than a foul.

And that's how it ended 3-1. But it still hasn't ended Grozniy, the Arsenal coach did his nut about the referee in the press conference and the owner of the club spent the following couple of weeks moaning that all the refs were on the pay rolls of Shakhtar and Dynamo to any media outlet who would listen and similarly Dynamo and Shakhtar's officials spent as much time denying it. I know who I'm more likely to believe.

Respublikansky -- not looking great

Whenever I have a trip to Kyiv it seems to coincide with a visit from Michel Platini. He was impressed by the new stadiums that have been built in Donetsk and Dipropetrovsk, but not too pleased with the state of the stadium in Kyiv. This is the stadium where the final of Euro 2012 is supposed to be held.

I know that you can't see much in these pictures, but that is the problem there isn't much to see!

A walk in the park

A day after the Arsenal v Metalurh game I went for a walk in the park. Here are a couple of pictures of Bannikov, which at the time I didn't think I would be seeing any football at. It is also the place where Arsenal should be playing their home games.

Reva forever

Reva forever, it certainly feels like he has been playing for that long with stints between the posts at CSKA, Dynamo and Arsenal.

Vitaliy Reva in goals just before the end of the game

Metalurh Z fans at Kolos

'Burratino' Shatskhi gets his 100th goal

Arsenal players just after Shatskhi's goal

Match action from Arsenal Kyiv v Metalurh Z

The top picture shows Arsenal in white on the attack
The bottom one shows Metalurh about to take a free kick