Monday, April 14, 2014

Red Lodge v Alconbury - trophy presentation

Alconbury in white, Red Lodge in dark blue.

Red Lodge v Alconbury miscellaneous pictures

Red Lodge 2 Alconbury 0 - John Ablett Cup Final

On Thursday we were back down the Unwin for Red Lodge against Alconbury. Red Lodge went into the game as favourites being top of their league and the cup holders. We naturally therefore decided to support Alconbury and parked ourselves behind the Red Lodge keeper.

Red Lodge started off the brighter of the two teams and came close to a goal in the opening few minutes. As the game settled down a bit though, Alconbury were the first to really settle. Alconbury had most of the best chances and came close a couple of times. Red Lodge meanwhile looked dangerous on the counterattack. It was Alconbury who took the lead on 43 minutes when a cross was met and the keeper was given no chance. The lead was pretty short-lived though, as Red Lodge rather undeservedly got an equaliser on the stroke of half time to make it level at the break.

Whatever the Red lodge manager said at half time seemed to do the trick though, as they came out firing on all cylinders and took the lead in the first minute after the break. RedLodge dominated for most of the second half and Alconbury struggled to get back in the game. The last quarter of an hour saw them put pressure on the Red Lodge, but they stayed resolute and Lodge held on for a famous victory.

We had been giving their goalie stick most of the game, but he came over and shook our hands, so we'll let him off. It was a hard fought game, but over the 90 minutes Lodge probably deserved it.

Ely City Reserves 2 Chatteris Town 0

On Wednesday we were at the Unwin to see the reserves take on local rivals Chatteris. We got some golden goal tickets when we entered the ground, but we were soon disappointed. Our lowest time was 27 minutes, but the Robins took the lead on just 3 when Dean Salmons put the home team ahead. We might have been a bit disappointed by the golden goal, but it was definitely good to see an Ely team actually winning at the Unwin.

Ely were pretty much in complete control of the game and on 22 minutes they increased the lead when sustained pressure led to Chatteris putting the ball into their own goal.

Ely failed to increase their lead, but never looked anything less than comfortable. The game finished 2-0 and it was a well deserved win for the reserves.

Playing catch up

It's that time of the season when the games usually come thick and fast. This season is going a little slower than other seasons though, mainly due to a mild winter and the fact that the local teams haven't put together any decent cup runs. Last Wednesday and Thursday though we managed to get to a couple of games at the Unwin though with Ely Reserves taking on Chatteris on Wednesday and then the final of the John Ablett Cup on Thursday where Red Lodge tried to win the trophy for the second season running when they took on Alconbury.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ely City 2 Haverhill Rovers 4

Yesterday Ely City's nightmare home form continued. It's nearly April and they still don't have a home league win. Some people have blamed the maroon shirt that has replaced the traditional red shirt this season, but the truth is perhaps more to a lack of finances and apathy. Yesterday, neither of the new managers were in the dug out. It seems they had more fun things to do and Adam Murray, who has been carrying the team all season was off on holiday. It was another patched up team and it didn't look good for the Robins even before the game kicked off.

It was therefore a surprise that Ely played really well in the first half and it was one of their best performances at home of the season so far. In fact for the first 20 minutes Ely dominated. However, not surprisingly Haverhill took the lead on 23 minutes. Hats off to Ely though, they kept their chins up and from the kick off Tyler Phillips, who had moved up from the reserves chipped the keeper to restore parity. The next big chance came on 38 minutes when Lee Pacey punted the ball up field and Jamie Greygoose in the Haverhill goals was nearly caught out with the sun in his eyes. It wouldn't have been the first goal the Ely keeper has scored, but it would have probably been the most spectacular. Ely did take the lead though a couple of minutes later when the ball somehow found itself in the back of the net. It looked like Porky Claydon claimed it, but nobody seemed quite sure who got the last touch. The lead was as short lived as Haverhill's had previously been, as Haverhill equalised from the kick off.

If Ely played well in the first half all of their hard work was undone in the second. On 50 minutes Haverhill took the lead. The Robins were still in the game, but on the hour mark a wonder strike from Haverhill sealed Ely's fate. Once they were 4-2 down their heads dropped and it seemed inevitable that the best they could do was play out the game and avoid any further damage.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cambridge Women 9 Fulbourn Bluebirds 0

This happened way back on March 16th. The reason that I have been so slow in posting anything is that I was in Poland for work. It seems so long ago now, it seemed a better idea to post a video of the goals rather than to try and write a report from memory that made any sense.

So here are the 9 goals that Cambridge got against Fulbourn in the semi final of the Cambridgeshire Invitation Cup.