Friday, October 30, 2009

Krautrock on Spotify

I've just had a free afternoon, so I decided to put a krautrock playlist together on spotify. Here's the info:
Here's a littl playlist I put together on Spotify:
Faust − Giggy Smile
Neu! – Gedenkminute
Kraftwerk – Pocket Calculator
Amon Duul 2 – Gala Gnome
Kraan – Sarah’s Ritt Durch Den Schwarzwald
Triumvirat – A Bavarian in New York
Can – Vitamin C
Hoelderlin – Schwebebahn
Brainticket – Jardins
Grobschnitt – Solar Music Berlin
Hoelderlin – Die Stadt
Agitation Free – Kahn El Khalili
Eloy − Awakening

And here's the URL:

More disappointment at the Unwin

Tuesday night saw Ely again lose to CRC. This time it was in the league and the result was a convincing 4-1 victory for the visitors. Nick Impey scored a rare goal in the first half to pull the Robins back to 2-1 and up until half time it looked like Ely could get back into the game as they pushed for an equaliser. However, it was not to be and eventually CRC pulled clear with 2 goals to win the game convincingly.

It also looks like I'll have to wait a while for some higher level football, as I planned to go to the Cambridge v Kidderminster tomorrow, but it means that I might not get back for the fireworks, so I might have to make do with Ely reserves v Lakenheath tomorrow.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Real football

I guess I need some soon looking at recent posts, but God knows when it's going to come.

Lost impetus

Apologies for the lack of impetus of late, but last week I was in Moscow and really didn't have enough time beforehand to keep the site up to date a 5-1 defeat at the hands of CRC in the Cambridgeshire Invitation Cup for Ely didn't really give me the inspiration to write very much. This was followed by a 1-0 victory over Hadleigh United with Robbie Mason again netting the winner. Then I was off in Moscow and didn't have time to update this site. While I was away Ely were defeated 8-0 by Histon 'reserves' and then lost 3-2 to Leiston on Saturday away. I didn't go to a game on Saturday, as I was busy with Sean's birthday.

The trip to Moscow was excellent though, seeing some people I hadn't seen for years and a trip to Lenin's mausoleum where I had never managed to get into before despite having lived there for 3 years ranking among the highlights.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The ref's the star

Last night in Ely's 3-1 defeat to Dereham Town the ref was really the star performer with a series of strange decisions. First of all was Ely's goal. It wasn't clear who scored it and in fact it didn't even appear to cross the line, but the goal was given and we were glad for the Ely lead. Obviously a few minutes later the ref saw the error of his ways and decided to give Dereham a penalty with an imaginary hand ball in the box. So at half time it was 1-1 with neither of the goals being deserved.

The second half started off with Ely somehow contriving to concede a corner from the kick off and a headed goal going in for Dereham. This was probably the only deserved goal of the game and was certainly the only one the ref wasn't involved in. It did however underline that although the ref made himself be the pantomine villain there were plenty of attitude problems in the Ely squad and players who were performing under par.

The third goal for Dereham was due to a strange decision by the ref. After several of the Ely players complained about an elbow in the face for Wozzer, the ref decided to deal with the dissent by giving Dereham a free kick just outside the Ely box even though the ball had been cleared. If anyone knows if this is legitimate in the rules of the game let me know, as nobody I know has ever heard of this happening before.

So that was it, Ely fought on, but a few minutes later Chadwick got sent off for a second silly booking and it finished 3-1.

They were 2 difficult teams for the officials to handle, but some of the decisions were extremely questionable.

On our way to Wembley

It's still a long way off yet, but on Saturday Ely took a further step in the FA Vase with a win against Eynesbury Town.

Of course, it was an Ely display, so it wasn't a straight forward win and when Tony Beck put Ely ahead on 22 minutes we knew that there would be a few more twists and turns.

Eynesbury got back into the game early on in the second half, in fact for a while it looked like they would win with 2 goals to put the visitors 2-1 up. However, Robbie Mason saved Ely, not for the first time by scoring on 59 minutes and on 81 Tony Brown scored a brilliant goal to put Ely into the next round.

When the games start flooding fast

I'm getting a bit worried that this site is getting a bit of an Ely City diary, but the games are going in thick and fast at the moment and I don't have any time to write about anything else at the moment, so I guess that's the way it's going to be for a while.