Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Most Played Bands of July 2013

July 2013 by jim_bomb on Grooveshark
Here are the most played bands of July, some of them will need little introduction, so where that happens I won't bother.

1 The Stone Roses - Breaking into Heaven

2 The Courteeners - You overdid it doll

3 Tokyo Police Club - Wait up
This is Tokyo Police Club's first appearance on a monthly playlist and the Canadian band are one of my alltime favourites

4 New Order - The Perfect Kiss

5 Blood Red Shoes - It's Getting Boring By the Sea.
A great track from the Brighton based indie duo.

6 The Twang - Took the Fun
As they are Brummies and Villa fans I was always going to like this band. It's just unusual that they haven't appeared previously on one of these playlists.

7 A Guy Called Gerald - Hot Lemonade
A fun track from Manchester's pioneering junglist.

8 Flunk -Kebab Shop 3AM
A not particularly Norweigian sounding song from this Norwegian band.

9 Monaco - Black Rain
A track from this forgotten New Order spin off

10 Cage the Elephant - In one Ear
I hate to admit it, but I first heard this band on Beavis and Butthead. There's something very American, but also British about this band from Nashville

11 Propellerheads - Bang On!
Because every now and again you need this funky stuff

12 Small Faces -I feel much better
Original mods, who I perhaps don't listen to as much as I should.

13 Mudhoney - Touch me I'm Sick
Oner of the best songs from one of the best grunge bands from back in the day when thatkind of thing was popular.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cambridge Women V Gillingham Women Photos Part 3

Photos from Cambridge Women V Gillingham Women Part 2

Photos from Cambridge Women V Gillingham Women Part 1

Cambridge Women 1 Gillingham Women 0 - a game of three thirds

At the end of last season it was rumoured that Cambridge Women wouldn't be coming back to the Unwin this season. There are probably rumours that I have deserted the place though, as I am having to miss the whole of preseason because of a variety of reasons and the start of the season for a holiday. I was there last Sunday to play in a charity match and both myself and the Cambridge Women's team were there today.

It was Cambridge's first preseason game and they probably weren't too confident about facing Gillingham who are higher up in the Southern Premier League. And unusually the game was divided into 3 thirds of 30 minutes.

For the first 15 minutes Cambridge looked the better of the sides and the Gillingham defence looked far from effective. At the other end the visitors did seem quite useful though and had the best of the opening chances with a couple of clever moves that just ended up going wide. At the same time Laura Baker looked like she had the beating of the Gill's defence, but it seemed like Cambridge needed to use the wings a bit more.

The first real chance of the match came on 26 minutes. Cambridge had been dominant for the previous 10, but when the keeper came out to soon Gillingham were unlucky not to score. It was Cambridge though who took the lead just before the first third finished when Laura Baker slotted in at the far post after a cross from the left wing.

Gillingham started the brighter in the second third of the game and seemed to be getting the better of the chances. Cambridge did eventually wake up, but throughout the period it felt like they were hanging on.

The final third of the match was a bit of a midfield battle until the closing minutes. Gillingham had committed a lot of players forward, but this almost became their final undoing, as Baker was close to adding to the tally on 84 and 87, but in the end they had to settle for a 1-0 win.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Photos from Lowestoft v Kirkley and Pakefield

Lowestoft in blue and Kirkley & Pakefield in their change strip of yellow feeling the pressure.

Photos of Lowestoft's Crown Meadow Part 2

Photos of Lowestoft's Crown Meadow Part 1

Beer Festival football

It might seem a bit incongruous, but what a brilliant idea Lowestoft Town FC had on Saturday, which was my birthday, and they managed to combine two of my favourite things when they held a beer festival and also had a free match to attend with the Trawlerboys taking on local rivals Kirkley & Pakefield. Lowestoft used to play in the Eastern Counties League, but they are now riding high in the Ryman Premier, so they were always going to be favourites against the team from down the road.

The Trawlerboys dominated the first half hour and the Royals were pinned in their own half. The home team didn't create that many chances though with Michael Frew hitting the post being the closest they came from scoring. They did take the lead on 38 minutes when Chris Henderson who didn't seem to realise it was a friendly at a beer festival put the team into the lead with a well struck 20 yard shot.

In the second half the home team seemed to have found their shooting boots and Frew made it two on 64. With 10 minutes left a clever looping shot made it 3-1 to the home team. Kirkley and Pakefield managed to pull one back on 85 through Nathan Russell before a Robert Eagle volley put the froth on the beer to make it 4-1 with 2 minutes left.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Football Documentaries

There are some decent football documentaries out there and here are a few that I have enjoyed recently.

1 The story of FC Start. The infamous death match between the Nazis and a team of Dynamo Kyiv in World War 2, that I have covered elsewhere on this site ( )

2 A really interesting documentary about the North Korean football team who represented their country in 1966 World Cup in England. It's interesting to get a different insight into the hermit state and as it was allowed to be filmed seeing it from a perspective that the North Koreans would allow is also interesting. One criticism would be that the cameraman is sometimes allowed to go into one too much.

3 Zidane - a 21st Century Portrait
Watching Zidane play in a live game was always mesmeric in that you forgot to watch the game and just watched him, so this video is great in that is all that you do in this film and it is set to the music of Mogwai.

4 Documentary about Paolo Maldini. There aren't many defenders who get the plaudits they deserve compared with more glamorous roles in a team, but Maldini was probably the best left back in the World ever and you've also got to admire him for being a one club man, even if it was Milan.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Posh take the game to QPR

Ground views Posh v QPR

Top: the soon to be demolished (allegedly) Moyes End
Bottom: the Main North Stand.

Midfield battles Posh v QPR

More photos Posh v QPR

Jermaine Jenas assumes his favourite position, on his back!

Jannai Gordon on the ball for Posh.

Grant McCann free kick Posh V QPR

Grant McCann takes one of his trademark free kicks and Robert Green makes the save.

Ji-Sung Park in action for QPR against Posh

Peterborough V QPR programme

The programme from Posh v QPR with the autographs of Posh's bright young stars, Jaanai Gordon and Shaquille McDonald.

Peterborough 1 QPR 0 - the preseason starts here

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year and the preseason football got under way with QPR visiting Posh at London Road. Both teams will be starting next season in a division lower than they were last season with QPR being relegated from the Premier and Posh being relegated from the Championship. There are probably different expectations on the teams going into next season though, as Posh have lost quite a few high profile players and have invested in youth and players from lower divisions; QPR on the other hand have been able to keep a team of superstars together, so far, although with the wages these players command you can't see many premier league teams taking a punt on them. It might be a bit early to state this though, but it could be Posh who have a happier season next year.
The young players coming in look hungry and up for it and with Zakuani in defence and 2 great goalkeepers in Bobby Olejnik and Joe Day they might be able to defend as well as score for once. QPR though are the fax machines of football, useful in their day, but until you see them you'd have forgotten they exist. Players like Robert Green, Bobby Zamora, Jermaine Jenas, Shaun Wright- Philips, Luke Moore, Ji-Sung Park and Nedum Onuoha have all been highly-rated in their day, but you wonder if they will show up in the Championship. It might have been a friendly match in blistering heat straight after the holidays, but if I was Harry Redknapp I would be asking if these players could, for want of a better way of putting it, ever be arsed.

Anyway, about the game itself, the first half was dominated by Posh and they had several chances, although Grant McCann probably came closest to actually testing Robert Green, who was kept busy but never really stretched. Bobby Olejnik on the other hand could have probably done with a deckchair.

The second half saw a very different QPR, who had probably had a rocket up them at half time, Bobby Zamora and Andrew Johnson both had shots that were kept out by Joe Day who had come on for Olejnik. In the last 20 minutes though it was a very different Posh to the one who started the second half. Literally, it was a very different team as they made 9 substitutes. Posh started to push forward again and finally with the clock ticking down Emile Sinclair found the back of the net to give the home team a deserved win.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

End of June Playlist

June 2013 by jim_bomb on Grooveshark

1 The Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored
After waiting 23 years to see them they were always going to be the most played band of this month. This was the song that they opened the set with at Finsbury Park.

2 The Courteeners - Sycophant
One of the support bands at Finsbury Park. I wasn't too impressed with their first album , or third album to be honest, but they weren't bad on the day and some of the songs from those albums have started to grow on me and I actually quite like Falcon - the second album which this track is taken from.

3 Tequilajazzz - Кроме звезд
These Russian rockers have been a staple of playlists over the last few months. I saw them live in Kyiv, but they packed up in 2010.

4 Воплі Відоплясова - Були на селі
Now it's time to look forward to my holiday in August and who better to get you in the mood than Kyiv's finest, Воплі Відоплясова!

5 The James Taylor Quartet - Kooks Corner
Sometimes I like a bit of Acid Jazz, not that often, but when you're in the mood TJTQ are probably the acceptable face of the genre.

6 Happy Mondays - 24 Hour Party People
Well, it has been a retro month and The Roses weren't the only Madchester band that I listened to.

7 Stanton Warriors - Precint
A good funky band that have featured here before and are named after a drain cover of all things.

8 The Charlatans - Blackened Blue Eyes
As I was saying the Roses weren't the only Madchester band I listened to this month.

9 Northside - My Rising Star
One of Madchester's most underrated bands.

10 The Orb - Perpetual Dawn
We've had plenty of Orbital this year and now it's The Orb's turn to take over the ambient mantle.

11 ESG - You're No Good
They were a soul type band from the Bronx who were rather incongruously on Factory. Good stuff though.

12 Shocking Lemon - Inner Light
A Japanese Shoegaze band, as a big fan of the genre, I'm not sure how I missed them before.

13 Koreless - 4D
Supposedly dub step, but why doesn't all dub step sound like this?

The waiting is nearly over

So most of the teams are now back in training and some have even started friendlies in preparation for next season. I'm working this weekend, but by the weekend after the preseason friendlies should be in full flow, so we won't have to make do with subbuteo, Norwegian football on the internet, living Ukrainian lower league football vicariously and checking transfer rumours on twitter every five minutes as the real live stuff will be back.