Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Most Played Bands of July 2013

July 2013 by jim_bomb on Grooveshark
Here are the most played bands of July, some of them will need little introduction, so where that happens I won't bother.

1 The Stone Roses - Breaking into Heaven

2 The Courteeners - You overdid it doll

3 Tokyo Police Club - Wait up
This is Tokyo Police Club's first appearance on a monthly playlist and the Canadian band are one of my alltime favourites

4 New Order - The Perfect Kiss

5 Blood Red Shoes - It's Getting Boring By the Sea.
A great track from the Brighton based indie duo.

6 The Twang - Took the Fun
As they are Brummies and Villa fans I was always going to like this band. It's just unusual that they haven't appeared previously on one of these playlists.

7 A Guy Called Gerald - Hot Lemonade
A fun track from Manchester's pioneering junglist.

8 Flunk -Kebab Shop 3AM
A not particularly Norweigian sounding song from this Norwegian band.

9 Monaco - Black Rain
A track from this forgotten New Order spin off

10 Cage the Elephant - In one Ear
I hate to admit it, but I first heard this band on Beavis and Butthead. There's something very American, but also British about this band from Nashville

11 Propellerheads - Bang On!
Because every now and again you need this funky stuff

12 Small Faces -I feel much better
Original mods, who I perhaps don't listen to as much as I should.

13 Mudhoney - Touch me I'm Sick
Oner of the best songs from one of the best grunge bands from back in the day when thatkind of thing was popular.

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