Sunday, November 30, 2008

The disappearing robins part 2 (Swindon Town)

....... Or in the case of Swindon Town it should be the reappearing robins.

Swindon Town have used at least 5 different badges during their history, and most have them have involved robins, from their nickname or trains, their other nickname being the railwaymen and the town is famous for its locomotive history.

The diamond shaped crest with the 'S' on it was from 1991 and was supposed to signify a successful outlook for the future, which never really materialised. To me it looks more like the logo of a geeky IT company, something which Swindon is more famous for nowadays.

In 2007 the fans voted for the badge with quaters and a train and a robin in it. The towns motto was also reinstated 'Sulubrius et industria', and a very fine badge it is indeed.

Funnily enough for a team who have the nickname of the Robins they haven't always worn red and white. They started off in black and white and then changed to red and white quaters when they entered the Southern League in 1894. In 1897 they decided on a green strip, but green dye was difficult to get hold of. Funnily enough a lot of people think that football teams don't tend to wear green as it is considered unlucky, but at the time of the inception of most clubs it was actually difficult to get hold of.

In 1901 they settled on red, although the 'rebranding' in 1991 saw the club trying to incorporate green into their kits.

The black and white badge shown above is from 1970 and seems to form the basis of today's badge, which is also pictured

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