Sunday, July 26, 2015

Wolfsburg 1 Villarreal 2

The Emirates Cup started yesterday with a match between Villarreal and Wolfsburg. There were moments in the game where both teams showed what they were capable of, but also periods where the game was quiet and had that preseason feel about it. As usual the Arsenal fans were just wandering in throughout the game, so at times motivation must have been hard for them to keep up.

After a quiet opening few minutes Ivan Perisic struck for Wolfsburg after being threaded through by Kevin De Bruyne. The lead was short lived though and the Villarreal midfield showed real pace in going forward. Just two minutes after Perisic had scored Mario Gaspar found the back of the net with a well taken goal on the counterattack. On 17 minutes the Yellow Submarine again broke quickly against their German opponents and Mattias Leiva scored a brilliant goal to give the Spanish side the lead.

The skills and abilities of the players on both teams were never in doubt, and occassionaly shone through at periods in the rest of the first half, but it was pretty uneventful and the half finished with Villarreal leading 2-1.

During the second half Wolfsburg did most if the pressing and De Bruyne continued to impress and Perisic and later Jung and Bendtner had decent chances. Villarreal continued to look dangerous on the break, but ultimately the game finished 2-1 to Villarreal.

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