Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ely City 1 AFC Sudbury 4

In the latest preseason friendly Ely took on a strong Sudbury side from the Ryman League.

Despite the gulf in levels between the two clubs Ely held their own for most of the first half despite falling two goals behind. The first goal should probably have not been allowed due to a hand ball before the goal was scored anyway. The second one was brilliant though and Ely were showing weaknesses from the left where the passage of play broke through. That said Ely did have a completely different goalkeeper in the first half and on balance the possession was pretty equal. It just looked like Sudbury knew how to put it in the net and Ely didn't.

In the second half changes were made on both sides, however it was Sudbury who seemed to change for the better. The centre forward who came on for them was especially impressive. He scored one to extend their lead and also hit the bar and post all with thumping shots. Ely pulled one back with 10 minutes left, but the man up front almost broke the net to make it 4 to the visitors.

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