Friday, July 10, 2015

It's back and it hardly ever went away

Well, that seemed like a pretty short break from the football. I still haven't recovered from the FA Cup final, but at least we can get on with some other football soon. The last few weeks haven't been that football free with Sean's numerous tournaments, and the Under 21 tournament on TV, but despite an unhealthy diet of Aussie Rules and baseball on TV it still seems to be a bit early for getting the preseason started already.

Tomorrow we have the Soham doubleheader with Ely Crusaders playing Soham United in the morning and their adult side doing battle with the Ely City in the afternoon. I can't believe that last season although we knew that Ely City were going to struggle we were still optimistic and felt quite an affinity for them. I think that the preseason this year will be make or break. Now that the Robins are in Divison 1, I was surprised about how many reserve teams have sneaked into that league. It makes for some better away trips, but also makes it a bit duller and ensures some midweek hidings when their first teams don't have a game. Onwards and upwards. Here comes the new season.

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