Sunday, July 12, 2015

Soham United 1 Ely City 4

Yesterday I spent a lot of time down in Soham as Ely Crusaders took on Soham United in the morning and then Ely City took on Soham United in a preseason friendly in the afternoon.

The day got off to a good start with Crusaders winning 14-0, but the main event in the afternoon was always going to be tough to call.

Ely had a mixture of old, new and youth players in the line up and after a terrible season last time out how they are going to do is difficult to call.

The game started off in typical preseason fashion especially in the heat with neither side forcing their way into the game and Ely looking especially shot shy. Just as the drink break was about to start on the half hour mark Soham took the lead. A brilliant shot from the right wing squeezed into the goal from the narrowest of angles to give United the lead.

After the drink break though the Robins got back into it and new signing from Wisbech St.Mary, Jack Saunders started to find his way into the game. He looks to be a player who could help turn things round for the Robins, if he sticks around. First he got an equaliser before drawing the Robins into the lead. He then found the head of Craig Neal who made it 3-1 and then Alex Knowles made it 4-1 in the closing minutes.

It was an encouraging start for Ely, but we will have to see how they get on against stiffer opposition in Cambridge City on Tuesday night.

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