Thursday, July 17, 2008


I was watching the Super Cup on TV the other night ( Shakhtar incidentally won on penalties) and I noticed that Evgen Selznev was playing fior Shakhtar and I also think I noticed Yarmash in the Dynamo squad. Despite them both being young Ukrainian stars who will probably go on to do well for the national team, both of them spent most of last season on loan. Seleznev was on loan to Arsenal and Yarmash to Vorskla.

The thing that struck me was that where as in England Scott Carson ,when at Aston Villa wasn't allowed to play against Liverpool and similarly when Jermaine Defoe was on loan to Portsmouth he wasn't allowed to play against Spurs. However both Seleznev and Yarmash were permitted to play (and scored) against the clubs that owned them. Seleznev put in a spirited performance against Shakhtar, although Arsenal ultimately lost 4-2 and Yarmash almost ruined Dynamo's title hopes by putting Vorskla ahead in spectacular fashion near the end of the season. Dynamo ultimately won 2-1 with a last minute goal, but what if ?......

It seems strange that there are different rules for different countries, and with the Bosman and Kolpak rulings you'd think there would be some kind of ruling or are Akhmetov and Surkis more reasonable than their English counterparts in this issue?!!!

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