Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I don't know why, but I've been paying quite a bit of attention to the new shirts coming out for clubs in the upcoming season. It might be because there is nothing else for a football fan to do at the moment other than look at transfer rumours, and to be honest I am sick and tired of hearing about Ronaldo and Barry and which world Class star Man City are going to sign this week (having said that they probably will get Ronaldinho now).

So it is nice to see some clubs dumping the sponsorship on their shirts from some on-line gambling site or major brewery in order to promote a bit of charity. Obviously Barcelona, who have always been aginst sponsorship on their shirts started the ball rolling a couple of years back with their association with Unicef. Then last season Ajax joined with Dance 4 Life. This season has seen Aston Villa join up with the kids' charity Acorns and Brondby also do a deal with unicef. Sheffield United will be wearing and selling shirts for and with the slogan of the Chinese Earthquake Appeal on them, but as far as I know they will only be wearing them in their pre-season tour of China.
Note on images:
1. Aston villa's shirt in connection with Acorns for the 2008-2009 season
2. Barcelona's partnership with unicef, the partnership that set the ball rolling for teams working with charities
3. Brondby's Unicef shirt for 2008-2009

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