Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Most played bands of August 2013

August 2013 by jim_bomb on Grooveshark

It's taken me a while to get round to this and funnily enough there were a fe Ukrainian and Russian bands in this month's playlist.

1 Бумбокс – Звёзды не ездят в метро
This band have been going for a while, but seem to be flavour of the month in Kyiv with all age groups at the moment

2 ...И Друг Мой Грузовик – Del Piero
Another Ukrainian band. One that I saw live a few years ago about the ex-Juventus player.

3 Кино – Электричка
a bit of classic Russian rock here. Some people on the bridge were playing Kino songs and we also saw the mural for Victor Tsoi that has just opened up in Kyiv. This song more or less sums up my trip to work too.

4 Hladno Pivo – Šamar
A bit of Croatian punk here to spice things up a bit.

5 Воплі Відоплясова – День народження
Probably the most well known Ukrainian band of the last 20 years.

6 Talco - Bella Ciao
The Napoli fans were actually singing this at the Emirates, so I had a bit of a listen to Talco after a long break from the anarchic Italians.

7 Pop Will Eat Itself - Bulletproof
The first British band on the list this month funnily enough.

8 Агата Кристи – Дворник
Some more classic Russian rock. Not my favourites, but good when the mood takes you there.

9 Cage the Elephant - Ain't no rest for the wicked
Cage the Elephant make the list again this month

10 Рубль – В мире животных
The foul mouthed Russians are back on the monthly playlist

11 Paul Weller - Bring back the funk
A track from the mod father

12 Flunk - I love music
The Norwegians are back on the monthly playlist for a second month

13 The Stone Roses - She Bangs the Drums
The Roses are still on the list.

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