Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Most played bands of March 2013

It's been a funny month for music. I listened to a lot of old faves, a few bands that I would never have thought of listening to normally and not as much non-English language stuff as I have been for the last year or so. Here is the play list for March 2013.


March 2013 by jim_bomb on Grooveshark
1 Kasabian - Fire
There was a period in the middle of the last decade when I gave this band quite a few plays. I think that I have been hankering for those bands that were a bit like the early 90s British bands and that is why they got so many plays.

2 De la Soul - A Roller Skating Jam Named 'Saturday'
I sometimes like a bit of hip hop, but not usually as soft as this lot, but anyway I enjoyed giving them a blast this month.

3 The Lines - Blisstability
There are a few bands called The Lines. This one is the post-rock band from the 80s. I think that a trip to Leyton Orient made me think of this type of music.

4 The Wedding Present - Brassneck
The Wedding Present were the first band I saw live and it was on the Brassneck tour

5 The Wedding Present - Cherez Richku Cherez Hai
The Wedding Present recorded a few songs in Ukrainian at the end of the 80's, did it subliminally effect me. Who knows?

6 Math & Physics Club - We're so DIY
They are a bit twee and sound remarkably like a British C86 band despite being contemporary Americans. Nice music for what the weather should have been like rather than what it was like.

7 Kapten Röd - Saknade Vänner
The title of this song translates to 'Missing Friends'. Swedish Reggae might sound incongruous, but it really is good stuff.

8 The Fall - Middle Class Revolt!
Well, that won't come true, but you have to admire The Fall, who are the band that I have seen live more than any other.

9 Mega City Four - Ticket Collector
I had a bit of a melancholy week at the start of the month and listened to these downers from my youth quite a bit.

10 The Farm - Hearts and Minds
One of those lad bands from the early 90s. Despite being from Liverpool they did like fanzines and subbuteo, so we'll let them off.

11 Vennaskond - Suvi
There have been quite a few Estonian punk bands in the monthly play lists, but these were the ones that started it all off.

12 Modest Mouse - The Good Times are Killing Me
Great song, nothing much else to say really.

13 Pint Shot Riot - Twisted Soul
One of those bands a bit like Kasabian from the middle of the last decade. Unlike Kasabian they didn't really catch on, although they probably made a bit of cash from having songs on video games.

14 Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head at?
Not my usual sort of stuff, but it reminds me of Ukrainian MTV and trips to Hunstanton

15 Stanton Warriors - Who are the Warriors?
A bit like Basement Jaxx but a lot better.

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