Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Back to Earth with a bump

On Saturday morning I was busy with Crusaders at Stretham and after clocking up game 42 on Monday night I thought I might not bother with a game in the afternoon. With the time I had there were probably only 2 matches I could make it to. Cambridge City had their last game at Milton Road before joining up with Newmarket for a ground share and Soham had a chance of making the playoffs. As you may have noticed I am not a big fan of Cambridge City and I thought that going to two Soham games in a row wouldn't have gone down well with the regulars at the Unwind.

In the end though I couldn't resist going to a game and I realised that even more locally the Ely Reserves were at home to Lakenheath, so for the second time this season I descended down to Step 7 for a Cambridgeshire Senior Premier game.

The game started off brightly enough and it had the added interest of having a linesman that I work with, although I fought the temptation to heckle him! Ely whose reserves have had a terrible season and who had lost to the visitors just 3 days before got off to a great start, although it was all thanks to Lakenheath. The left back tried to put the ball out, but just managed to hit his own post. The rebound unfortunately for him hit his knee and Ely were 1-0 up after just 6 minutes.

The game was entertaining enough and full of end to end stuff with Lakenheath having the best of the play. However, there were no further goals until 75 minutes when the visitors got a well deserved equaliser from a headed corner.

Ely weren't finished though and on 80 minutes they made the most of a defensive error to regain the lead. It wasn't to last though, 3 minutes later Lakenheath were awarded a penalty for a handball and struck the ball home. A draw would have probably been a good result, but another corner on 86 minutes was expertly chested down by the Lakenheath centre forward and the left winger drove it home to give the visitors a win, which on balance they probably deserved.

But why back to Earth with a bang? Well, while we were there it came through that despite the heroics on Monday night the first team went 8-1 down at Gorleston. Is that the season done and dusted though? I hope not!

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