Monday, November 4, 2013

What kind of football fan are you?

Here's a little quiz that I came up with so that you can find out what kind of football fan you are. Answer the questions and then look in the comments to find out what type of fan sums you up.

1 Watching habits - Which one of these best describes your viewing habits?
A I go to a few of my teams' games each season and often watch them down the pub
B I always watch the major European leagues on TV
C You can find me at the local club every week

2 Football clobber - Which of these are you most likely to wear?
A I have a Premier League / Barcelona / Real Madrid shirt
B I have a Toffs / Score Draw retro shirt
C I have an enamel badge on my sensible coat

3 Pundits - Who would you rather see on TV?
A Gary Lineker
B James Richardson
C Mark Clemmit

4 Players - Who do you think is the best?
A Messi
B Zlatan
C Any centre half who tackles like a man

5 Coaches - Who do you prefer?
A Pep Guardiola
C Dario Gradi

6 Reading habits - Which are you most likely to read?
A The sports pages of the Sun
B Gazzetta dello Sport on your I-pad, even if you don't speak Italian
C A fanzine

7 Presents - Which of these books would you prefer to receive?
A Fergie's latest autobiography
B Something by Simon Kuper or Jonathan Wilson
C Copy of the Essex Olympian League handbook

8 On holiday - which of these is the most appealing?
A A beach holiday somewhere hot with a pub that shows the Premiership / La liga
B A trip on Eurostar with some sightseeing and maybe catch a Brugges game
C The Devon or Norfolk hop where you see 6 games in 3 days

9 Drinks - which of these are you most likely to have in a pub before a game?
A Carling
B Expensive imported lager in a bottle
C Real ale

10 ... and the barman serving it should be?
A A fan of the same team as me
B Smart but casual
C knowledgeable on the Paget Rangers' squads of the 80s

11 Which of these best describes your team?
A should hopefully qualify for Europe
B Not the biggest, but with a youngish fan base / I don't follow one club
C Hopefully will not get clobbered with a big electricity bill for the floodlights

12 How will you be spending next Sunday?
A Down the pub watching sky
B Glued to the European action on BT
C Going through my programme collection

Now check your results in the comments


Neil said...

Mostly As - You are a mainstream fan and probably not the biggest football fan. On the plus side you have a sense of perspective. On the minus side, you might actually be an alcoholic.

Mostly Bs - You are a trendy football hipster. On the plus side you are fairly cosmopolitan. On the minus side you could end up posting photos of your dinner, growing ironic facial hair and saying 'Can I get' when you mean 'Can I have'

Mostly Cs - Hardcore/ anti modern football fan. On the plus side you are committed and the local club should appreciate people like you. On the minus side you probably come across as a bit bitter and you are a couple of steps away from going trainspotting.

Anonymous said...

I should not be a real football fan. I only pay attention to those things I love. For example: football shirt, football shoes, the player's hairstyle and so on.