Friday, November 1, 2013

Most played bands in October

October 2013 by jim_bomb on Grooveshark
1 The Vaselines - I hate the '80s
Some Indie tunes from a band who were popular in the, erm, 80s. You have to agree with the sentiments of this song though.

2 Primal Scream - (I'm gonna) Cry myself blind
Not the most popular track on not the most popular album by Primal Scream, but they got so many plays this month because this song was going around in my head for some reason.

3 Bibio - Take off your shirt
Some nice chilled out and interesting tunes from the West Midlands IDM geezer have had a fair few plays this month. This one is a bit more upbeat and poppie than most of his stuff though.

4 Kraftwerk - Boing boom tschak
Kraftwerk have probably been one of the most influential electronic bands over the years. I also listened to them a lot this month, mainly when I had to work at home due to the storm and no trains running.

5 Nirvana - Lithium
I was at university during the grunge era and also saw Nirvana's last performance in Europe, however I was never a massive fan. I think, as I was having to deal with some slackers from (I thought) Seattle this month, I thought that I would get into their mindset by listening to their number 1 band.

6 The Thermals - Born to Kill
Listening to Nirvana reminded me of The Thermals, who are a bit more punky and a lot more contemporary. As it happens, the slackers of Seattle were actually from Portland, where The Thermals come from, which is just a coincidence.

7 Ляпис Трубецкой - Керчь-2
The only Russian language band to feature this month. This is a reworking of the Belarussians' track from their very first album. After 20 years they are still going strong. I am not sure if Kerch is still like it is in this song, but Yalta is, so it's probably accurate.

8 The Morning After Girls - Chasing us under
Most of this psychedelic type of rock tends to come from the States, but these lads are Australian and the lead singer has a Ukrainian name. I prefer them to a lot of the other bands of this ilk, like the Brian Jonestown Massacre and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Still a stupid name for a band though.

9 Limonious - Frisco Burn
I like a bit of skweee, so here's this month's offering. I also like quite a few Swedish artists. There's a lot more to their music than ABBA, for you philistines out there.

10 Ellen Allien - Sleepless
Last month German techno topped the chart with Reinhard Voigt. This month my favourite German techno artist, Ellen Allien, got quite a few plays.

11 The Asteroid #4 - CIA took my dog away
More psychedelic rock from a band that I think are a bit underrated. I think that this track was originally a B-side, but what a great name for a song.

12 Superchunk - Never too young to smoke
Another grunge band that I saw live back in the day. I think that they are still going and are running a record label. They were great live.

13 Tijuana Panthers - Girls gone wild
The surfer dudes get in the chart for the second month running just ahead of the Orwells.

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