Monday, August 26, 2013

22/08/13 Obolon Brovary 4 Kremin 2

Obolon have had a bit of a tough time of it recently, so it was good to see them register a win when we went to their stadium. After relegation from the Premier League their administrators went too far with the fire sale and the brewery who were seeing their investment crumble pulled the plug. They then reformed the club but under their own administration in the Amateur League last season and entered the Second League at the start of this. They haven't had the most impressive of starts to the season, but they should make progress with a stadium and possible fan base that many Premier League sides would be envious of in Ukraine. They also seem to have the knack of making astute signings. The best example being Ivaschenko, who had an amazing game.

Obolon got off to a terrific start scoring after Just 3 minutes. I only just saw the goal, as I was still in the queue for beer, but at 5 UAH (35p) a pint, you can't really blame me, but I was just in time to see Pavlo Hordiychuk slot do the ball in the bottom right corner. After this it was all Obolon and Ivaschenko was controlling the game, so it was no surprise when he added to the score on 20 minutes with a perfect strike from distance. Obolon then, as Ukrainian teams often do, looked happy to see out the half and leave the score as it was.

As the second half got under way, I found myself secretly hoping that Kremin would score, as Obolon were really starting to relax now. Evhen Aprishko duly intervened by scoring for the visitors, but at the same time it didn’t really look like they were going to get back in the game, but it did mean Obolon had to try and put the game to bed. Oleksandr Ivaschenko increased the lead to 3-1 after beating two defenders and squeezing the ball past the keeper to make it 3-1, just 4 minutes after Kremin had scored.

Obolon weren’t finished yet and Artem Favorov scored with 3 minutes left to make it 4-1 to Obolon. Serhiy Stepanchuk pulled another one back for the visitors from the penalty spot in stoppage time with what was to be the last kick of the game, but it still didn’t take the shine off a fine win for the hosts.

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