Monday, August 26, 2013

17/8/13 Dynamo U21 3 Tavriya Simferopyl U21 0

After a very late night on Friday I decided to hit Kreshchatik for a few beers and topic is up tickets for the main game on Sunday. The under 21s were playing each other in a prelude to the game between Tavriya and Dynamo on Saturday evening, so after hitting the beer tents it was time to check out the younger teams. It is always interesting to see how the younger players are developing and to try and spot the future stars.

It was a pleasant enough early evening and like everything else below the Premier League in Ukraine entrance was free. The stadium hadn't changed and the old lady who did the announcements was still in fine voice and Paramon put in an appearance, although he wasn't Looking in the best of nick, not that he ever really did! The crowd was pretty small with about 200 people in attendance, including a bunch of likely lads who were caught trying to smuggle smoke bombs in.

From the kick off there was clearly a gulf in difference of class between the 2 teams. Dynamo looked pretty slick whereas Tavriya seemed to be a bit confused by their coach shouting out instructions in English from the sideline. I suppose that the Tavriya players if they don't make it, at least they have the chance to improve their linguistic skills.

The first half as a whole was played out at a decent pace. There was however a feeling of inevitably when Oleksiy Milyutin opened the scoring on 10 minutes. It was clear thought at this point in the game that Dynamo were going to win the game and a brilliant long range shot from Roman Lazarovich on 31 minutes doubled their lead. Tavriya did manage to stem the tide a bit after this though and seemed capable of keeping Dynamo at bay. That was until in stoppage time at the end if the half when Pavlo Polehenko seemed to have taken the ball too far wide of the Tavriya goal, but somehow managed to get the ball in the back of the net to give the home team a 3-0 lead at half time.

If we were hoping for more of the same in the second half we were to be disappointed. Dynamo took their foot off the pedal and also as the half progressed seemed to substitute most of their starting line up. I am not sure what the rules are for this league, but they could definitely make more than 3. It didn't seem to help Tavriya though, as they didn't threaten the Dynamo goal. Dynamo on the other hand seemed happy to play the game out. There was only one chance of note in the half and that came from a free kick where Dynamo hit the bar. They will be happy enough with the scoreline, but a bit more action in the second half, wouldn't have gone amiss.

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