Friday, May 3, 2013

Playlist for April

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April 2013 by jim_bomb on Grooveshark
1 Рубль – Время водка
Rubl were a new find for me this month. A band fronted by Leningrad's Sergei Shurov making rude but witty songs about drinking that have got them banned from performing in several places in Moscow. To give you a flavour this one is called Vodka Time.

2 Wax Tailor – Where My Heart's At
A bit of French trip hop that has helped me keep my sanity at work recently

3 Ляпис Трубецкой – В платье белом
A band from Belarus who were popular, and who I saw live in Moscow when I lived there. This band really helped me to learn Russian. This is one of their songs from that time with quite simple lyrics. This one translates as In A White Dress.

4 Orbital - Stringy Acid
I got back into these techno pioneers from back in the day when they release their latest album, Wonky, last year. The single with the same name was a song I listened to a lot last year. I've been listening to some older stuff by them recently, but this track comes from that album.

5 Echo & the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon
I was up in Liverpool earlier in April and I had a great time, so I've been listening to a few Liverpool bands since then, this is the first one of a few in the monthly playlist.

6 Mogwai - George Square Thatcher Death Party
There was something to celebrate at the start of April. The clue to what it was is in the title to this song, which I had on almost continuously for a couple of days.

7 Ундервуд - Чехов это я
These 2 doctors from the Crimea have had a lot of plays over the last few months. Last time they appeared in a monthly playlist they were singing about Gagarin, this time it's Checkhov.

8 The Coral - In the Morning
One of those bands that I've been listening from time to time for a long time and the second Liverpool band to feature in the playlist this month,.

9 Ленинград – Без тебя пиздец
Sergei Shnurov's old band. A bit more ska and a bit more reggae than Rubl, but still as controversial. I should have probably chosen a different song than this one though!

10 Ocean Colour Scene - The Riverboat Song
Before they made it big(ish) me and Macca were once the only 2 people to turn up to one of their concerts when we were still at school. They are another one of those bands that I listen to now and again, but never really go overboard with.

11 Billy Bragg - An Accident Waiting to Happen
I've had quite a political month, so nice to see Billy get on the playlist.

12 Frankie Paul - Pass the Tu-sheng Peng
You have to have a bit of proper reggae now and again.

13 I'm from Barcelona - The Painter
Well, the sun has finally come out and there is no better band to listen to when the weather is good.

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