Sunday, March 17, 2013

Leyton Orientear fanzine

After picking up a copy of Heroes and Villans at the last Villa game I was at I promised to keep a look at for fanzines when I went to league grounds and as our bus parked up by the lads selling the Leyton Orientear fanzine on Saturday I decided to get a copy.

Leyton Orientear is one of the country's longest running fanzines having been first published in 1986. Fanzines seem to have a longer running tradition at clubs where fans have a right to be disgruntled and Leyton Orient definitely fit into that category.

In this edition there is an interesting article on Laurie Cunningham, who may have found fame at WBA started his career off at Orient. He was one of the Baggies' players who helped fight against racism in the 1980s and met with an early death in a car crash after moving to Real Madrid.

Apart from that there are a few interesting comments on football and its slippery slide as a whole. There is also an article on the proposed move of West Ham to the Olympic Stadium just down the road from Orient. The media has as a whole portrayed it as Orient being worried about the Hammers being on their doorstep. However, it seems that the board at Leyton Orient really want to also be considered as joint tenants. The fanzine wants them to not surprisingly stay at Brisbane Road. However, it seems apparent that even thought the ground would be too big for them they could probably make a killing on real estate if they did sell the very much modernised, but historical ground. One complaint that I might have is the near obsession in this edition with the JPT defeat at the hands of Southend. I know that it's disappointing to miss out on a Wembley final after losing to a League 2 side, I'm a villa fan after all, but it does seem to take up a lot of pages. That said as Leyton Orient and Southend do share some of the same catchment area it must have been a bitter pill to swallow. As the cover shows the O's also have a habit of blowing it when it comes to getting in the play offs. I just hope that the performance on Saturday cheered them up a bit.

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