Thursday, January 31, 2013

Most played bands of January 2013

January 2013 tunes by jim_bomb on Grooveshark Nothing to with football but here is what I have been listening to this month.

1 I am Kloot - Over my shoulder
I haven't listened to this band for a while, but for some reason I had a run on them this month. I think that they have a new album out, but this is taken from 'Gods and Monsters'

2 Charles De Goal - Synchro
Track from the French post rock band who are still going strong after 33 years.

3 The Bodines - Synchro
C86 band who made some nice tunes, but never got much commercial success even by C86 standards

4 Metro Luminal - Ainult Rottidele
An Estonian punk rock ditty that translates as 'Only Rats'

5 Aphex Twin - Didgeridoo
A bit of what they call IDM nowadays from back in the day

6 Tequilajazzz - Воздушный шар
A song called 'Hot air balloon' by one of my favourite Russian indie rock bands

7 Mixel Pixel - You're the kind of girl
Poppy track from New York weirdos

8 We are Scientists - The scene is dead
A indie track from a few years back. I've been enjoying their album called 'Crap Attack' which is mainly cover versions later

9 Океан Ельзи - Online
Track about being on the Internet from Ukraine's top indie band

10 Kompakt - the International loner
Yep, I know it is a German techno label rather than an artist, but they seem to release every track under a different name even if it is the same person

11 Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Grey Cell Green
Another track from back in the day

12 Velikije Luki - Afganistan
I think you can guess the translation of the name of this track by another Estonian punk band

13 The Field - Over the ice
A very apt track for this month by Swedish techno type

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