Monday, January 14, 2013

Fairweather fan

It's not often that I miss a chance to watch some football, but in an uncharacteristic sign of wimpiness,that's exactly what I did on Saturday. I went to kids' football in the morning and it was bloody freezing, so I shelved my plans, which may have been foolish. After complaining about the lack of football recently due to weather and work I had the choice of a couple of games on Saturday. The most logical one was CRC V Ely at the Shabby Abbey. However, there wasn't the chance of a lift and the thought of messing around in Cambridge on a day when I wasn't getting paid to mess around in Cambridge was a bit off-putting. The other option and was to go to Thetford for the first time this season, but with the mercury hovering around zero and the fact that they were playing Wisbech, who were likely to win didn't exactly excite me either. Ely drew 2-2 and Thetford lost 4-1. It might have been a mistake missing out on the opportunity to go, as the snow has now started to come down and it looks like a fair few more games are going to be victims of the weather over the next few weeks.

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