Monday, August 27, 2012

Club focus - Bugbrooke St.Michael's

Ely City drew in the FA Cup with Bugbrooke St. Michael's on Saturday, so they've got a replay against Bugbrooke tomorrow night.

Despite having a twee name that would sound more at home in a Beatrix Potter book and a badge to match, as well as playing at a ground with a name to match, Bird's Close, the Badgers are an ambitious outfit. Last season they finished 3rd in the United Counties League Division 1 and will be hoping for promotion this time out. They have also had a few good runs in the cup having got to the first round of the FA Vase in 200-2001 and getting to the second round in 2009-2010.

Other than that I can't really find out much about the club, apart from the fact that they were formed in 1929. Another question that needs to be asked is why does a team nicknamed the Badgers wear yellow and blue.

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