Saturday, February 25, 2012

Record win at Thetford

Thetford Town 10 Cornard United 0
Bruno Tavares (4 minutes)
Matt Dixon ( 14 - pen)
Matt Dixon (18)
Valter Rocha (19)
Matt Dixon (25 - pen)
Bruno Tavares (28)
Matt Dixon (34)
Steve Harley (73)
Nathan Szsyzlk (80)
Steve Harley (90)
.... and it could have been a whole lot more....

This was the biggest win that I have ever seen and followed hot on the heels of a 9-0 win for Thetford last week, although they did blot their copy book in midweek with a 1-0 defeat against March.

Even before the game it looked like Cornard were whipped, when the team sheets went up Thetford had players with names that wouldn't sound out of place in the premier league, Cornard looked like a bunch of strangers. In fact only 5 of the players named in the squad were on the pitch. This could have meant that they had signed a load of players recently with an eye for moving up the table or that they were having to bring in players from wherever they could. It certainly seemed like the latter was true. In the warm up Thetford were doing some technical stuff and looked like a well oiled unit, Cornard just spent 5 minutes knocking the ball about before going back down the tunnel. When the players emerged on the pitch Thetford got in a huddle, Cornard looked embarrassed to be on the pitch with each other. However, whatever the deficiencies of the Cornard team are you can't take anything away from Thetford who have been spectacular for most of the season and have a number of players in the first team and the reserves who are capable of scoring at this and a higher level.

Thetford were quick to get off to a good start when Matt Dixon was fouled on the edge of the box and Bruno Tavares stepped up to blast home the free kick. Rocha was then causing problems and on 8 minutes it should have been 2-0 but Dixon and Tavares messed around too much. Then on 14 minutes a defender flattened Dixon in the box. At the same time one of the Cornard defenders was stretchered off with what looked like a broken leg. Once it was sorted Dixon stepped up and scored the penalty and it was 2-0. Just 4 minutes later and again Tavares and Dixon were at it again and Tavares mazed through the Cornard defence before laying it off to Dixon to make it 3-0. From Cornard's restart Thetford won the ball back, Rocha was found wide on the right he skipped into the box and with less than 20 minutes on the clock it was already 4-0. They still weren't finished and on 25 minutes Dixon's speed foiled the Cornard defence and all the goalkeeper could do was bring him down in the box. On another day the keeper could have been sent off, but that would have been harsh, although at times I was a little uncertain if he had actually played in goals before, although he did have an awful lot to do and despite the scoreline redeemed himself a little later on. Not this time though as Dixon scored the penalty and it was 5-0. It wasn't long before the Cornard defence were sliced open again when on 28 minutes Tavares went through the defence like a knife through butter and he got his 2nd and Thetford's 6th. It was a whole 6 minutes before Thetford created another real chance although even in that period they had a few wayward attempts on the Cornard goal. However, more happened in the 34th minute than had happened in some other games. First of all Dixon had a blast at the goal, but it only hit Rocha in the face (who despite getting a right slap in the face managed to laugh it off); a couple of seconds later Bruno Tavares hit the bar and then a few seconds later Dixon got his 4th and Thetford's 7th.

So the first half finished with Thetford 7-0 up, but even in those 10 minutes of the half in which they didn't score they had some decent chances. On 39 minutes Harley and Tavares linked up well, but the keeper saved. On 42 minutes Sean O'Donnell should have scored but blasted over; and on 43 and 44 Dixon wasted 2 gilt-edged chances and blasted wide, which brought about a couple of cheeky chants of 'you don't know what you're doing' aimed towards the player who had already put 4 past the keeper.

Cornard started off the second half looking a bit better organised, but Thetford were not in a forgiving mood. Luckily the linesman was though. On 51 minutes Tom Cusack scored a good and valid goal, but it was ruled offside by the linesman, for what reason other than feeling sorry for Cornard I have no idea. The same thing happened on 58 after another period of Thetford peppering the Cornard goal when Dixon scored and was given offside, but for what reason I have not got a clue. In fact Thetford were unable to breech the Cornard goal again until 73 minutes when Steve Harley played keepie-ups with himself before firing home to make it 8-0. Then on 80 minutes substitute Nathan Szysyzlk made it 9-0. There was time for one more when Harley made the Cornard defence look stupid and scored to get the team in double figures in the last minute.

It still could have been more and Tom Cusack who had had a perfectly good goal chalked off by the linesman hammered against the post. A bit of messing about where they were trying to set up Simon Mann for some reason instead of firing home and then the whistle was blown Thetford had 10, but it could so easily have been 15-0!

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