Friday, December 24, 2010

Club focus -- Bohemian Football Club

Bohemian Football Club are often known as Bohemians and shouldn't be mixed up with the several clubs in the Czech Republic who lay claim to the legacy of the Czech team Bohemians. Apart from anything else the Czech team wore green and white, which is the colour of Shamrock Rovers who are the Bohs' fiercest rivals.

Bohs wear red and black stripes and are based in the North Side of Dublin, where as Shamrock are based in the South of the City. However, Bohs have fans all over the city and indeed all over the country. Mind you they've moved grounds that many times it's no wonder they have a fan base all over Ireland and it could account for their other nickname of the Gypsies.

Bohemian FC are the 3rd most successful club in Ireland with an impressive 7 Football Association of Ireland cup wins, 6 League of Ireland titles and 3 League of Ireland cup victories. They are also the most succesful Irish team in terms of victories in Europe, although this season they went out in the 2nd round of the Champions League Qualifiers against Welsh outfit The New Saints. On a more local basis they also hold the record for most Leinster Cup wins (31).

With regards to the fans the club is owned by the fans, which due to some shrewd buisness dealings put them in a good position a couple of years back. However, like many clubs the ground developers let them down and now like many clubs worldwide and especially in Ireland the future isn't looking too rosy.

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