Monday, February 15, 2010

Keeping it in reserve

Well the weather is still rubbish, but I finally had a Saturday free and the weather wasn't too bad for football to be called off so I had a decision to make. I was half tempted to go to Cambridge v Wimbledon, but I wasn't sure if it was all ticket or not, although I doubt it was given Cambridge's recent form. The other possibilty was a trip to Soham Town Rangers, but as it turned out I couldn't be bothered, so I scraped the barrel that is Ely City Reserves.

To be honest the standard quite often isn't lower than the first team and it is never short of incident. I seem to be (almost) alone on this opnion though, as the crowd was so small the bloke who collects the cash hadn't turned up, so I had to track someone down to pay the two quid to.

Things did't start too brightly though and Ely were 1-0 down to Eaton Socon at af time in a half with few incidents. To be honest Ely could have had a few goals if the bloke who I see on the tran every day hadn't been so useless. It looks like the manager agreed with me as he was off at half time.

The change didn't seem to make much of a change to Ely though as they still couldn't score. However, Eaton Socon were not too shy in the tackle and they eventually paid the price when they had a player sent off on 68 minutes for bringing an Ely forward down in the box. Ely scored from the spot, but they didn't capitalise on the extra man and the ame finished Ely City Reserves 1 Eaton Socon 1

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