Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Have Ely finally learnt?

Last night it was freezing and persisting down, but I had already signed up for a Saturday of work drudgery so there was no way I was missing the chance of a match. Another Tuesday and another rescheduled local Derby as Ely took on Mildenhall Town.

As I said the weather was dreadful and for some reason the programme hadn't turned up. Luckily I've got over my programme dependency thanks to the fact I've probably lost most of my Ukrainian and Korean programmes on my travels, but it's still always nice to get one.

When I arrived at the ground the referee was in the middle of his fourth pitch inspection and Mildenhall were trying to convince the ref to have the game called off, which seemed a bit strange as it was Ely who had several players missing including the talismanic Robbie Mason.

Anyway, it seems that Mildenhall's worries were well founded as Ely took an early lead when David Smith scored on 9 minutes. The rest of the first half saw the home team having slightly the upper hand, but Lee Pacey was on cracking form between the posts. It was Ely who with a short passing game dominated rather than the visitors who seemed scared of the ball getting stuck in the mud though. A moe cynical person than myself might say that as Ely usually lose games from losing the ball in midfield they had the advantage that the middle of the pitch was the muddiest part. However, the new lad from CRC who played last week at left back had moved on to the left wing and he had another good game. I still don't now his name due to the lack of programmes ad coverage in today's papers.

The second half saw Ely extend their lead when a deflected shot looped off a defender nd into the Mildenhall goal on 56 minutes. Ely then came under further pressure as Mildenhall tried to get back in the game. This didn't look likely though as Ben Lawrence, Brady Stone and Lee Pacey seemed more than capable of dealing with anything the Mildenhall forwards could throw at them. In fact Ely had a couple of chances to extend their lead with some decent shots including one that hit the bar.

Strangely the Mildenhall players who had wanted the game cancelled, and who probably knew Ely had a propensity to throw leads away in the last few minutes didn't seem to want the game to end and for some reason the referee obiged them by adding on 9 minutes of what is commonly known as Fergie time. However, it appears Ely have learnt, they remained solid at the back and they didn't pick up any stupid bookings (the lack of stupid bookings was perhaps down to Robbie not playing though). Anyway, although the away frm remains patchy things are lookig up at the Unwin.

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