Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mildenhall Town club focus

On Monday Ely will take on Mildenhall Town who ome from just over the border in Suffolk. At the time of writing they are 5 points above Ely, but have had a terrible run of late, but ould be buoyed by new manager Simon Charlton.

The town of Mildenhall is perhaps more famous for its speedway team the Fen Tigers, who take their name from the mythial beast that roams the Fens occassionally killing sheep and who comes in handy on slow news days when local journalist can interview someone who swears they have seen the beast after 12 pints of Speckled Hen.

Anyway, Mildenhall also wear yellow and black, but go under the nickname 'the hall'. They were formed in 1898 and had quite an undistinguished existence in first the Bury and District League and then the Cambridgeshire League, which they joined in 1969 and reached the Premier of in 1975.

In 1988 they joined the newly formed Eastern Counties League and had to upgrade their ground, which they had done by the start of the 1994-5 season. Their highest placing has been second to Lowestoft in 2006-7 and their biggest trophy has been the Cambridgeshire Invitation Cup, which they won in 1996.

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