Thursday, April 9, 2009

The badge of Berwick Rangers

Like TNS who we looked at previously Berwick Rangers are a border club. The border in this case being the Scottish and English one.

Their original badge was just the bear and elm tree, which features on the local council's coat of arms, although the bear on that emblem appears tethered, but in the club's badge looks realtively free. Some people have suggested that the bear comes from the name of the town Berwick, however Ber probably comes from the old Norse word for Barley (baer) or headland (bar) with Wick meaning vik (bay) or wik (settlement).

In the 1990s the club added the Scottish rampant lion and the English lion. Berwick are the only Scottish team to play in England a fact that doesn't always make them popular with visitig supporters, although when I visited there they were one of the friendliest clubs out.

Berwick has always had a confused history over its nationality having changed hands between Scotland and Enlgand 13 times, and once Queen Victoria named it as a separate entity as she didn't know if it was English or Scottish. Berwick is now part of England, although it has never formerly been annexed from Scotland. Another historial anomally is that it is stii officially at war with Russia... So bring it on Putin!

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