Sunday, January 18, 2009

Club focus - Bury Town

Today I went to Bury St.Edmunds and although I didn't go to any football I did manage to see Ram Meadow the home of Bury Town.

Bury Town are one of the oldest clubs in the World and are certainly one of the oldest clubs not to be from an industrial town. They were formed in 1872 and became one of the founder members of the Suffolk County FA in 1885. The club, who were previously known as Bury United were also the first club to have floodlights in East Anglia. First before any other club in the region including Ipswich and Norwich. They first turned on the floodlights on 12th January 1953 for a game against Cambridge City.

In 1935 Bury Town became founder members of the Eastern Counties League. In 1937, and again in 1938 they managed to win the Suffolk Cup, a competition they have won on numerous occasions since and in 1938 they also finished as runners up in the league. Their run was then interrupted by the war, but they again managed to win the Suffolk Cup in 1945 before the league was resumed in 1946.

In 1958/9 Bury Town became the first ever winners of the Suffolk Premier Cup and managed to retain the trophy for the following 3 seasons. In 1962 they also managed to win the Eastern Counties League Cup. In 1964 they won a unique treble of the Eastern Counties League Cup, the Suffolk Premier Cup and the Eastern Counties League.

Bury decided to try and build on their success by joining the Metropolitan League. They remained here until 1971 when they won the league, as well as the Suffolk Cup for the 8th time and they decided to chance their arm in the Southern League. It was too much too soon though and after only 5 seasons the club found themselves back in the Eastern Counties League. They again got promoted in 1987 and stayed there for 10 years before being relegated to the ECL again after 10 years in 1997. In 2004 they finished second in the ECL and then in 2006 they gained promotion to the Ryman North. After one season they transfered across to the SouthernLeague Midland Division where they are still playing

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