Sunday, January 25, 2009

The badge of Boldmere St.Michael's

Boldmere St.Michael's come from Sutton Coldfield and their badge shows that they are very proud of the fact. The club started off in 1883 as a junior team that combined football with bible classes. At the moment they play in the Midlands Football Alliance, which is step 5 on the pyramid.

If we look at the badge and go from left to right and top to bottom we can see the following: In the top left corner is the tudor rose and this illustrates that King Henry VIII made Sutton Coldfield a royal town in 1528. The bear and staff signifies the Earls of Warwick, as Sutton was in Warwickshire before counties were messed with in the 1970s (and beyond). The deer on the bottom left also signify the influence of Henry VIII in 1528, as apart from granting a royal charter to the town he also gave the deer park, which is now Sutton Park to the town. The sword in the bottom right corner is a bit more of an enigma, but it's believed that it's there to signify that in the eigteenth century arms, including swords were mad in Sutton Coldfield


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for raising the profile of Boldmere St Michaels as they celebrate 125 years in the 2008-2009 season.

The details of the history of the club badge forms part of my book `A History of Boldmere St Michaels FC`

It can be bought from all good books shops or from my website `Unofficially Boldmere St Michaels.`

Kind regards,

Michael Talbot (Author)

Neil said...

I noticed a link to your book on google think I'll have to order a copy this weekend