Monday, December 22, 2008

Classic shirts #4 - Blackpool 1938

The shirts that Blackpool started wearing in 1938 were the same design as those worn in the so called Matthews final of 1953, when the genius helped Blackpool win their only ever major trophy beating Bolton Wanderers in an epic final.

Since then tangerine has been synonymous with Blackpool Football Club, but it has been a relatively new colour for the club. In 1923 Blackpool director Albert Hargreaves, who was also a referee, was that impressed with Holland's tangerine shirts when he was the man in black for a game between Belgium and Holland that he decided to introduce the colour to the Seasiders. Blackpool adopted the colours for the 1923-24 season, but then went back to wearing various versions of blue and white.

In 1938 tangerine shirts were reintroduced and the club have stuck to the colours ever since. It was also the time when Blacpool were at their most dominant with Stan Matthews and Stan Mortensen leading the line. They were regularly challenging for the league and reached 2 cup finals in 1948 and 1951, before they finally beat Bolton in 1953 and made the tangerine shirts famous

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