Monday, December 22, 2008

Anderlecht and the pilgrim

The crest of Anderlecht is purple and white because they are the colours of the club. The SCA stands for Sports Club Anderlecht and the crown was added in 1933, when the club officially became Royal Sporting Club Anderlechtois. The motto of the club is 'Mens sana in corpore sana', which can perhaps be translated as 'healthy mind and healthy body'. The lad at the bottom of the badge is St. Guy or St.Guido of Anderlecht, who is the patron saint of the area. He was a businessman, who turned into a pilgrim after crashing his boat, and thinking it was punishment for being greedy he decided to go to Rome and then Jerusalem. He died on his way back from Jerusalem and many years later his grave was discovered by a work horse. Apart from being the patron saint of Anderlecht he's also the saint of workhorses, horned animals, epileptics, stables and protects people from rabies

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