Thursday, June 5, 2008

Club Focus - Dnipro cherkasy

Obolon's opponents on Sunday are Dnipro Cherkasy, and it is a must win for both teams. Dnipro are 1 place above the drop zone and Obolon are losing ground in the promotion race with FK Lviv going 3 points clear in second place after Obolon lost on Tuesday.

One strange thing of note about Dnipro is that I was able to find information about them in English, whereas usually I have to rely on my rudimentarty translation skills. Anyway, here's the lowdown.

The club were formed in 1955 on the 10th anniverssary of the second World War finishing. they turned professional in 1958 and have remained so since apart from a disruption in the 2002-2003 season when they temporarily lost their status. Most of their history has been spent in the lower reaches of the Soviet and Ukrainian Leagues and they were promoted to the first division in 2006. If they aren't careful, and they do have a difficult run-in they might find themselves back in the second division.

Their original name was Burevitsnya, which means Thunderbird. Judging by their performances in the early years it can be assumed that they were named after the puppets or teenage boozer's favourite rather than the actual bird. However, they changed their name to the less inspiring Kholostnyky in 1957- the name means collective farmers. Finally in 1967 they became Dnipro, with a few breaks, from 1974-6 they were known as Granite and simply cherkasy from 1997-2005 before returning to the name Dnipro.

They also have a second team who seem to be doing quite well in the Regional League.

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