Monday, January 4, 2016

Clapton FC 1 London Bari 0

The New Year started off with a win for The Tons at the Old Spotted Dog over their local rivals and lodgers, London Bari.

Ely were playing at King's Lynn, but as it is often difficult for us to get to games on time on a Saturday outside of the local area, I decides to get down the Dog. The Arsenal and Newcastle fans hanging around Highbury on the way down don't know what they are missing.

The pitch was looking a bit worse for wear, but fortunately playable and Clapton were buoyed by the presence of a proper goalkeeper with Senegelase, Pape Diagne making a welcome return. 

To be honest during the game he wasn't called up on too often, but exuded confidence when he was. In fact it was a good team effort all round. Oshin had a very good game, but man of the match had to be Abdeen Abdul at left back. He scored what was to be the winning goal in the first half, and although I don't like giving man of the match to goal scorers, as it seems a bit lazy he did everything. He snapped out any Bari attacks and created chances.

Overall it was a solid effort by the Tons who attracted a big - and as always noisy - crowd to a game that was played under some testing conditions.

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