Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Something's up in East London

I know that after ages of pestering from London based friends I have only recently become a convert to Clapton FC, but I have already got a real fondness for the boys in East London. After years of dross being served up in the Premier League and local league teams taking the piss with ticket prices most of my football has been non league based. I enjoy going to the local teams, but the sense of comeraderie and welcome have been diminishing at the Unwin for a few seasons and there hasn't been an atmosphere for years. Therefore Clapton offer everything that I have been looking for in football for a while.

Unfortunately, something seems to be wrong at the Old Spotted Dog. There is the obvious friction between the chairman, who seems to be intent on bleeding the club dry and the ultras, but there also seems to be a few more deep rooted problems. Since the defeat at the weekend to Stansted there has been a bit of a player exodus and a defeat of 4-1 to Basildon last night has seen the Tons let in 4 goals in a row. I also hear some game show turned up last night, which obviously miffed the fans who are already concerned about their support being turned into a carnival.

The situation although not bleak is concerning. You have players who want to want to play for the club, but due to the financial restrictions can't / won't and a fan club that is becoming slightly fractious. I hear that there was some bitterness last night aimed at not only Basildon but also at other supporters and that the Brigata Italiana were criticised for not paying attention. I am hoping it really is just a storm in a tea cup or that what I am hearing us exaggerated as the Tons have made me look forward to football again.

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