Friday, April 24, 2015

Ashdon Villa win a trophy

Yes that isn't a typo! Hopefully, a team with a similar name can get some silverware at the end of the season too!

I like the local cup finals that they have down at Ely City this time of year, unfortunately due to being away or bad advertising I've missed the others, so when I found out about the Creake Charity Shield Cup Final being down there I was interested, when I found out one of the teams was called Ashdon Villa I knew I had to be there.

The opponents were Cherry Hinton Reserves, who play in a division below Villa. From the start it was clear that Villa were the better side, but the Cherries had a fantastic defence and neither side had a real chance in the first half, although Villa dominated the play.

Unfortunately for Villa it was Cherry Hinton who took the lead on 52 minutes when a sliced clearance by a defender saw him put it in his own goal. Some justice was done 10 minutes later when the Cherry Hinton keeper thought a cross was going to hit the side netting, but instead it hit the post and rebounded out to a grateful Villa centre forward who hammered home the equaliser.

Villa continued to attack, but the Cherry Hinton defence were resolute and some of the crosses were a bit wayward and shots a bit weak. One of the Cambs FA officials said 'it had a draw written all over it', I couldn't disagree, but with the temperature falling and work the next day I was hoping it would be finished in normal time.

It wasn't and we headed into extra time and Villa continued their bombardment. On 100 minutes a great free kick was hammered home and just the other side of extra time Villa were awarded another free kick. This time an indirect free kick in the six yard box for a back pass. Pretty often these type of free kicks are wasted, but Ashdon made sure and the game finished 3-1 to Villa.

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