Sunday, February 8, 2015

King's Lynn Town 1 Workington 2

It was a cold day, but at least the pitch was playable for King's Lynn's home game against Workington yesterday. Before the game the Linnets were in 12th in the table with Workington in 5th. A win for the visitors meant they went up to 2nd, while Lynn remained in the same position in the table.

It was a hard fought game, which always looked like it would bubble over into violence. King's Lynn started the brighter of the two teams, but could never really get a good run of passes together and the Workington back four looked like they could keep the visitors at bay. The best chance of the opening encounters saw Leon Mettam come close on 8 minutes, Spriggs was also doing some good runs, but couldn't get a shot in and was kept at bay by Gari Rowntree at left back for the visitors and some suspect work by the linesman. Michael Frew for Lynn was playing with shall we say a robust style that was winding Workington up. On about 35 minutes Frew was decked by Jonny Jamieson in goals for Workington just outside the box. The Lynn fans were baying for him to be sent off. To be honest there was a covering defender so it was a yellow card, but as he grabbed few in shall we say a sensitive area in the ensuing fracas he should have been off. To rub salt in the wounds, the freekick that came from it was woeful and Workington went up the other end and scored through Gareth Arnison when the ball was judged to have gone over the line. The goalkeeper was still engaged in 'banter' with the fans as the half drew to a close and it's a pity that he had time to shout his mouth off for most of the second half too,

The second half was more eventful for the violent tackling than the end to end action as Lynntried to pour forward, but were kept at bay by the defence ending in stalemate for a long period of the half. It was a bit against play, but not all that surprising when Gavin Skelton added to the home team's woes and put Workington 2 up on 76 minutes. Lynn finally did find away through when Leon Mettam got a goal n 88 minutes. The referee had completely lost control by now, so it was a bit surprising that he played 6 minutes of stoppage time where Lynn threw everything forward, but unlike on other occassions didn't manage to salvage anything from the game.

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