Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ely City 1 Wivenhoe Town 2

A new year and for me, after most of the home games being called off a new look Ely City. Unfortunately, it was the same result.

Several players have arrived on loan and it was hoped that they woud provide the shot in the arm that the Robins needed.Kairys and Ourtilbour on loan from Histon looked promising enough, but the Robins lack steel in central defence and look like they will do well to put the chances they create away. All in all a recipe for disaster. Ourtilbour looked good going forward on the left wing, but nobody seemed to be able to keep up with him for speed when he wanted to put a cross in.

It was a real shame, as the game offered Ely a chance to perhaps turn things round. Ely are bottom, but Wivenhoe are third from the bottom. They also arrived late due to traffic and didn't have enough time to warm up properly and had a player sent off after three minutes. Therefore the omens looked good for Ely. Fat chance though, as a mixture of players not knowing each other and baffling tactics meant that Ely were soon one down. After the break they went 2 down. They did pull one back near the end, but they also lacked in spirit. Whereas Downham last week when they pulled one back went on the rampage Ely had a player having a lie down and complaining about a little scratch on his leg with time running out. Can it get any worse?

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