Monday, December 29, 2014

Our Subbuteo Part 3 - 1981-1983

The 80s saw the 'Zombie' figures and machine painted Subbuteo introduced. The sets from 1981-1983 also came in oblong boxes with the players on display in 2 rows instead of 2 columns for the first and last time in the history of the game. More mechanical practices also led to more teams than you could shake a stick at with clubs from a variety of leagues and divisions being represented in both their home and away strips. I only have 2 teams from this short lived period, and they came from saving up tokens in 'Match'. I think, as you will see, they did this to shift some teams that they may have had a bit of difficulty in selling.

La Louviere
When this team first came out they had just been relegated from the top Belgium division to Division 2. When I received the team from 'Match' they had gone down to Division 3. Nevermind though if Royale Association Athletique Louvieroise weren't your bag they also doubled as Lincoln City away.

Despite being immortalised in plastic for La Louviere were wound up in 1990. Nowadays, we usually use them as St.Etienne.

West Bromwich Albion (away)
This was an iconic kit for the Baggies, but it does seem a bit of an esoteric choice, I suppose you can also use it for Norwich or Nantes at a pinch, but it helps to illustrate how far Subbuteo were pushing the boundaries at the time.

You also have to admit that Cyrille Regis looked good in the kit too!

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