Monday, October 27, 2014

A bit of tourism in Dortmund

We didn't have much time for tourism in Dortmund and it seems that the football dominates the city. We went past the U Building a few times, which rates as a place of interest, but due to its proximity to the stadium it didn't really register with us. Above is another monument of interest, St. Reinold's Church.

Another landmark is the Florianturm, a telecommunications tower not dissimilar to several others in Germany. It's located between the hotel where we stayed and the stadium. It is named after the patron saint of gardeners and was built for a horticultural show in 1959.

Sean was most impressed by the U-Bahn though and made this video of a train at Margrafenstrasse station, which was the station round the corner from our hotel.

But as the mural in departures at Dortmund airport shows, it's all about the football.

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