Sunday, June 1, 2014

King's Lynn Stars 54 Coventry Bees 35

It was a great result for the Stars who went 10 points clear at the top of the Elite League and Nicklas Porsing, Robert Lambert and Lewis Kerr were on impressive form for the Stars, but the night will probably be remembered for some other reasons.

In race 9, which was ironically sponsored by an ambulance company Dsrren Mallett crashed with James Sarjeant of the Bees and both of the riders were taken to hospital. When the race restarted after about an hour Jason Garrity of the Bees crashed his bike into the concrete and the bike went flying over the fence. Fortunately he wasn't hurt though and the race continued.

Nevertheless, the Stars totally dominated the Bees, who were also on a fine run of form especially on the road. They won a series of matches 5-1 and if it wasn't for the Bees Hans Andersen who won one match when wearing the double points helmet and gave the Stars a run for their money in other heats the margin could have been even greater.

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