Monday, April 14, 2014

Red Lodge 2 Alconbury 0 - John Ablett Cup Final

On Thursday we were back down the Unwin for Red Lodge against Alconbury. Red Lodge went into the game as favourites being top of their league and the cup holders. We naturally therefore decided to support Alconbury and parked ourselves behind the Red Lodge keeper.

Red Lodge started off the brighter of the two teams and came close to a goal in the opening few minutes. As the game settled down a bit though, Alconbury were the first to really settle. Alconbury had most of the best chances and came close a couple of times. Red Lodge meanwhile looked dangerous on the counterattack. It was Alconbury who took the lead on 43 minutes when a cross was met and the keeper was given no chance. The lead was pretty short-lived though, as Red Lodge rather undeservedly got an equaliser on the stroke of half time to make it level at the break.

Whatever the Red lodge manager said at half time seemed to do the trick though, as they came out firing on all cylinders and took the lead in the first minute after the break. RedLodge dominated for most of the second half and Alconbury struggled to get back in the game. The last quarter of an hour saw them put pressure on the Red Lodge, but they stayed resolute and Lodge held on for a famous victory.

We had been giving their goalie stick most of the game, but he came over and shook our hands, so we'll let him off. It was a hard fought game, but over the 90 minutes Lodge probably deserved it.

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