Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ely City 2 Haverhill Rovers 4

Yesterday Ely City's nightmare home form continued. It's nearly April and they still don't have a home league win. Some people have blamed the maroon shirt that has replaced the traditional red shirt this season, but the truth is perhaps more to a lack of finances and apathy. Yesterday, neither of the new managers were in the dug out. It seems they had more fun things to do and Adam Murray, who has been carrying the team all season was off on holiday. It was another patched up team and it didn't look good for the Robins even before the game kicked off.

It was therefore a surprise that Ely played really well in the first half and it was one of their best performances at home of the season so far. In fact for the first 20 minutes Ely dominated. However, not surprisingly Haverhill took the lead on 23 minutes. Hats off to Ely though, they kept their chins up and from the kick off Tyler Phillips, who had moved up from the reserves chipped the keeper to restore parity. The next big chance came on 38 minutes when Lee Pacey punted the ball up field and Jamie Greygoose in the Haverhill goals was nearly caught out with the sun in his eyes. It wouldn't have been the first goal the Ely keeper has scored, but it would have probably been the most spectacular. Ely did take the lead though a couple of minutes later when the ball somehow found itself in the back of the net. It looked like Porky Claydon claimed it, but nobody seemed quite sure who got the last touch. The lead was as short lived as Haverhill's had previously been, as Haverhill equalised from the kick off.

If Ely played well in the first half all of their hard work was undone in the second. On 50 minutes Haverhill took the lead. The Robins were still in the game, but on the hour mark a wonder strike from Haverhill sealed Ely's fate. Once they were 4-2 down their heads dropped and it seemed inevitable that the best they could do was play out the game and avoid any further damage.

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