Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ely City 1 Foxton 4 - More problems at the Unwin

Ely have had a run of away games over the last 3 weeks, which it would seem is a blessing in disguise because what we witnessed last night was pretty terrible. It was perhaps fortunate that the crowd was lower than usual with England playing Poland in a must win game at the same time, as it meant not many people had to see the game. To be honest, the Cambridgeshire FA had a lot to answer for by refusing to put the games in the Cambs Invitation Cup on the Wednesday rather than on the Wednesday. I was one of the hardcore who turned up though in the hope that Ely could go one step further in winning the trophy 3 times in a row.

Foxton shouldn't have offered too much opposition, playing 2 leagues below the Robins, but league places can sometimes be misleading. The Robins got off to a magnificent start and Diaper put the home team into the lead after just 5 minutes after some tricky wing play from Mendes. As Ely had already had one cleared off the line it looked like they were going to disperse of the opposition in the same way they got rid of Haverhill Borough in the League Cup. Ely continued to pressure and although the final ball was never quite good enough Foxton weren't offering much opposition. Then on 26 minutes things took a turn for the worse.

Foxton were allowed to pass the ball around in Ely's half and a well worked goal let them get back on equal footing. After this Ely's heads dropped and Ely were suddenly defending for their lives, and not especially doing a good job about it. Foxton managed to take the lead before the break though when on 41 minutes Pacey misjudged the ball and Foxton took the lead.

The second half started in the same way that the first half finished and after 2 minutes Foxton were allowed to add to the tally. By now things were starting to fall apart and on 57 minutes when Whitehead was subbed and threw a fit about it and almost had a fight with Coe it just underlined how far the team seem to have fallen this season. It came as no surprise when Foxton scored another to make it 4-1 in stoppage time.

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