Monday, December 10, 2012

The curse of Winter continues

On Saturday I had been looking forward to what was going to be the highlight of the season so far with Ely travelling to Bethnal Green in the FA Vase. After a midweek snow alert when South Cambridgeshire and Essex was hit by a flurry of the white stuff I gave Dean a call to see what the situation was. I felt a bit happier to hear that in London it was cold but sunny and as the tube ran under the pitch at Mile End Stadium the chance of the game being off was slim.

The weather was pretty stable until Friday evening when there was a bit of a downpour, typically when I was standing outside at Crusaders' training session, but nothing to worry about. Therefore I was a bit shocked when an hour later Mick called me to tell me the game was off.

The next day was cold but sunny in both Ely and London. The Crusaders' game was on and I thought about going to either King's Lynn or Thetford in the afternoon. However, after the Crusaders' game I was suffering with flu and then spent most of the weekend in bed.

So another weekend without football, and to rub salt into the wounds it looks like Ely will now be taking on Bethnal Green next weekend, which would be great, but I've got visitors and could have gone to the scheduled home game against Stanway, but not have a trip to London.

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