Sunday, July 15, 2012

The end of Summer

Well, it almost feels like the Summer has ended without starting, as football is back on the agenda. It was never really off the agenda though as there was Euro 2012, which I enjoyed, but having to endure photos from my friends in Ukraine at several high profile games and with some of the world's star footballers, e.g 'here's me with Pirlo' 'here's me with Ronaldo', etc. was a bit hard. I mean fair play to them they deserve it after years of following Ukrainian football, I only wished that I had been there. Instead I spent most of the Summer examining on Saturdays, which was just as well as the weather was too crap to consider a trip to the beach. I wouldn't have minded, but I still seem to be skint despite all that extra work.

Anyway, the football was back yesterday when King's Lynn took on their great rivals Wisbech in a 'friendly' at the Walks.

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