Monday, September 13, 2010

Fenerbahce emblem

Fenerbahce's name comes from Fener, which is Turkish for lighthouse and Bahce, which is Persian for garden. However neither a lighthouse or a garden appear on the badge. Nevertheless the badge does have a lot of symbolism.

The badge was designed by Fener left winger Topuz Hikmet who was helped by Tevfik Haccar (who was based in London or Germany depending on which reference you read)and every little bit of it has some meaning. The white symbolises purity, the red love and attachment and the red and white are also there to invoke the Turkish flag. The yellow and blue as well as being the colours of the club represent admiration and envy, and nobility, while the acorn leaf represents the power of Fenerbahce, so that's you told!

Not surprising after all that effort the only major change has been the lettering on the badge which changed when the preffered alphabet of Turkey changed.

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