Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Club focus - Peterborough United

Villa start their pre-season programme with a trip to Peterborough on Saturday and I will be in attendance, so let's have a quick look at the club known as the Posh.

In 1932 the original Peterborough team, Peterborough and Fletton United folded after being suspended by the FA.

In 1934 Peterborough United were born and made their ultimate aim to become a member of the football league, however they had to be content with starting life out in the Midland League and their ambitions of getting into the league seemed a long way off. They might have started off by adopting the nickname of Peterborough and Fletton whose nickname had come from an advertisement player manager, Pat Tirrel had put in a local paper asking for 'Posh players for a posh club', but the new team were beggars rather than playboys. They had to get a loan to play in the league and to pay to play at the London Road ground, which they still use and the original green shirts were supplied by a local clothes shop. They struggled at the start and even after the supporters' club supplied them with blue shirts in 1939 they didn't improve by much.

Peterborough's big break through came in 1960 when the Posh finally managed to gain election to the league where they took Gateshead's place in the old fourth division. In their first season in the league they gained promotion mainly due to the 52 goals Terry Bly scored.

Peterborough stayed near the top of the 3rd for the next few seasons, but in 1968 they were relegated to the basement again due to financial irregularities. In 1974 they were promoted again and in 1979 they went down again. In the mid nineties they spent a couple of seasons in the 2nd tier, which is the highest they have ever been in the league. They will again play in the second tier next season after winning promotion to the Championship at the end of last.

Last season saw them change their badge too, perhaps that isn't that unusual, but it seems that they combined the wishes of the club's historians, the local council and new kit manufacturer's Adidas.

Anyway, hopefully it will be a good day out on Saturday.

Notes on the pictures from top to bottom:
Peterborough's new crest that came in to use last season
The original crest
The original shirts donated by a local clothes shop that were worn from 1934 -39
The shirts donated by supporters in 1939
The shirts they won promotion in last season

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